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Feb 16, 2021 - Present






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A comedy following a morning show host trying to balance his work and home life.

Kenan is a single father who's doing his best to balance his career as a popular morning show host in Atlanta with raising his two lively young daughters. While his father-in-law and his brother are always offering to help, they usually find a way to make things a whole lot worse.

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05/18/21 at 06:01am

I want to love this show, Kenan Thompson is my favorite on SNL however this show is awful. Your cast is fantastic but your writers need to go,
Couch Potato
03/05/21 at 05:25pm

Kenan is NOT funny! I watched the show so you won't have to waste your time! Will NOT be renewed!
02/19/21 at 08:41pm

I tried but just cannot take Kenan for longer than 10 minutes. I really enjoyed his skits on SNL but this character is just too annoying.
02/17/21 at 06:55am


could not make it the 1/2 hour. Will never make it the whole season.
01/23/21 at 11:07am

This show didn't look good in the previews. I'll settle for Kenan Thompson when he appears on "Match Game".

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