Mayor of Kingstown

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Nov 14, 2021 - Present






Mike - Jeremy RennerMariam - Dianne WiestIris - Emma LairdStevie - Derek WebsterKyle - Taylor Handley

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A drama that takes a stark and brutal look at the business of incarceration.

The McLusky family are power brokers in the business of incarceration, running for-profit prisons in Kingstown, Michigan. It is the only thriving industry in a town with a history of systemic racism, inequality, and corruption. Together they attempt to bring order and justice to a town that has neither.

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05/21/23 at 00:19am

Chris I know this is a bit late and am not sure if you will even see this, but Stevie put the bonds in lockup he just didn’t put them in the system. And in episode 5 that wasn’t one of Milo’s men who went into lock up and got them. That was Kyle. Mike told them to move them. Kyle feels useless and is a little off his rails from the riot and taking the BS job in upstate. He is doing everything he can to make himself useful to Mike. That’s how he got the bonds.
03/13/23 at 05:29pm

So, in season 2, episode 4, Milo's bonds are turned into the police, who put them in lock-up. Episode 5, Milo sends someone to steal them from lock-up after a corrupt cop leaves the cage unlocked. Then, in episode 6, Kyle gets them out of lock-up and brings them to Mike. How is this possible?
Steve S.
01/15/23 at 01:03pm

I saw his hospital bed message on TV a week or so ago. He must be headed for a long rehab after his terrible snowplow accident.
Just Keith
01/15/23 at 09:26am

Get Well Soon, Jeremy
01/09/22 at 07:37am

Man I love this show! The swearing is absolutely necessary to stay real. I didn't even notice it because I got swept up in the story. So many people keep their heads in the sand to avoid reality so this show is a wake up call. Being able to show both sides of prison is not an easy job but this show has succeeded. I'm just happy to see a new idea on TV and see it done so well.
11/29/21 at 02:25pm

I'm not a big Jeremy Renner fan but I decided to check this out anyway. So far, I'm loving it! Yea, there's a lot of swearing but given what the show is about, not at all shocking. It would actually be kinda weird if they didn't. The acting is great and I look forward to each episode.
Steve S.
11/14/21 at 10:49pm

I watched less than two minutes and I heard the f word at least 50 times. It seems tv has also gone foke on us in their attempt for ratings. More and more you hear obscenity when we are all better off trying to curtail our use of it. Nothing is worse than being out in public when the kids around are all loud potty mouths which they got from us. It truly sounds like sht and makes us all stupid. There is no reason to bring this stupidity to tv - it certainly does make a show or dialog better by one iota.
Steve S.
11/14/21 at 09:25pm

I see it now on Paramount not +
They can't even get that right.
Which must mean bait and switch.
11/14/21 at 06:03am

Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!!!
Steve S.
11/14/21 at 00:42am

Prisons are a thriving industry? Really? Seems to me we've let more criminals and crime go free than ever before. Good on them if they are tightening things up and stopping all the mayhem. But I'm not buying it.

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