Mr. Mayor

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Jan 07, 2021 - May 17, 2022








Neil - Ted DansonJayden - Bobby MoynihanArpi - Holly HunterMikaela - Vella LovellTommy - Mike CabellonOrly - Kyla Kenedy

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A comedy following following a retired businessman who becomes the mayor of Los Angeles.

Neil Bremer is a retired businessman who runs for mayor of his beloved city of Los Angeles so he can shake up City Hall with some of his great ideas.

But after pulling out a surprise victory, he has to figure out what he stands for, gain the respect of his biggest critic, and connect with his teenage daughter - all while navigating the tricky political landscape of America's second weirdest city.

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05/14/23 at 05:51am

Cute show that I really enjoyed! Bummed that it was canceled after only 2 seasons when other garbage shows get a longer life.
03/03/21 at 11:00am

This is a great show. My wife and I have been burning through it on Hulu. It was a slow start, but the characters have come to life. Holly Hunter is an absolute delight. Has the potential to be the next Parks and Rec. The cast as a whole play off each other with ease and I really hope it gets a second season to continue it's momentum.
01/20/21 at 09:15pm

Big fat NO on this show. Sorry Ted, you signed on to a stinker.
01/17/21 at 07:08am

Was really hoping to like this show, but I was sadly let down. I’ll continue to watch with hopes it will get better, but I’m thinking this will get canceled after one season.
01/14/21 at 06:05pm

Very disappointing...was looking forward to loving this and gqve it 3 episodes...very weak snowflake humor and no storyline to get involved in....according to the network its the "next best thing" and " people love it" but i cant aee how or why....will watch as its on a quiet tv night but no appetite for it at all
01/12/21 at 05:14pm

I have not had a chance to watch it yet, but I hope it turns out to be good. "The Good Place" is a really tough act to follow.
12/17/20 at 05:41pm

This show looked great in the previews. I might try it.

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