The Wonder Years

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Sep 22, 2021 - Aug 16, 2023








Dean (narrator) - Don CheadleDean - Elisha "EJ" WilliamsLillian - Saycon SengblohBill - Dulé Hill

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A coming-of-age comedy that takes a nostalgic look at a 1960s Black middle-class family.

This coming-of-age story takes a look back in time at a Black middle-class family in 1960s Montgomery, Alabama, from the point of view of imaginative 12-year-old named Dean.

Narrated by his grown-up self with the wisdom of his adult years, Dean reflects on some of the best years of his life with his family during a turbulent time.

Inspired by the award-winning 1988 series of the same name.

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09/22/21 at 08:31am

Why?? Why remake what was possibly one of the best coming of age kid shows ever made. There has to be thousand and thousands of scripts and outlines floating around out there, they could not find a single original one to make instead of [like another said] the 2.0 version of Everyone Hates Chris [which also was a good show]
09/14/21 at 08:51am

No Creativity What So Ever!
All Because Of No Creativity
08/21/21 at 05:10pm

I'll watch this show. I hope it does well and goes 5 seasons like the original, I just wished it wasn't titled The Wonder Years. I remember watching The Wonder Years and even though the characters didn't look like me I could relate to them. I hope this show can give a new perspective. I hope this show doesn't live in the shadow of the original like all the other remakes.
Joe the Grouch
08/05/21 at 08:23pm

Redundant and unnecessary.... Everybody Hates Chris ( which was great) 2.0
08/02/21 at 11:01pm

another classic show runied with damn remakes i hope this show wont last long where do people come up with this crap
07/15/21 at 06:39pm

I don't anticipate this show doing particularly well especially with the coveted 18-49 demographic that advertisers pursue. Maybe this would have worked better had it been set in the 1980's or later. "Young Sheldon" is still the one to beat for sitcoms with a coming of age storyline.

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