East New York

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Oct 02, 2022 - May 14, 2023




Drama / Crime




Regina - Amanda WarrenJohn - Jimmy SmitsMarvin - Ruben Santiago-HudsonTommy - Kevin RankinStan - Richard KindCrystal - Elizabeth RodriguezBrandy - Olivia LuccardiAndre - Lavel Schley

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A drama following the newly promoted police captain of East New York and her diverse team of officers.

Regina Haywood is the newly promoted deputy inspector of East New York, a working-class neighborhood of Brooklyn. She leads a diverse group of officers and detectives, some of whom are reluctant to utilize her creative methods of law enforcement during the midst of social upheaval and the early seeds of gentrification.

Comments (18)

02/16/24 at 05:29pm

Why do they cancel the good ones?
07/14/23 at 04:46pm

Sooo disappointed that it was cancelled. First rate acting, writing. It had heart. It deserves to be picked up by another, wiser channel.
06/07/23 at 10:18pm

Such a great show, I read they are shopping this around. Hear that Amazon or Netflix make it happen!!!
Teena L.
05/31/23 at 10:40am

Yet another poor decision by CBS. Loved the show! Great acting and excellent storylines.
05/29/23 at 09:29am

I loved "East New York". I'm very disappointed in CBS decision to cancel it. This excellent show deserves a second chance. I hope another network picks up "East New York."
05/25/23 at 05:27pm

I am sorry this show has not been renewed. It’s well written and well acted. I’m hope CBS rethinks this decision.
Bill B
05/22/23 at 02:49am

So sad to see this show get the axe. Such a well written show with the female lead starting to get established and not afraid to say her mind to the upper brass. With NCIS Los Angeles ending maybe they can take over that time slot.
Ruben Reyes
05/21/23 at 00:00am

To good to be true. We can comment but some big wiz decided to cancel this series. But I must say loved the way they finished the series. With all the main cast members an a toast to each other. Thanks 74.
05/20/23 at 11:05am

I agree with comments lamenting the demise of another good show. No doubt it will be replaced by a piece of garbage. Quality apparently doesn't matter much in todays network tv world .
05/18/23 at 01:33am

This gets cancelled but Blue Bloods goes on, CBS fails again.

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