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Feb 04, 2022 - Present


Drama / Action


Jack - Alan RitchsonOscar - Malcolm GoodwinRoscoe - Willa FitzgeraldGrover - Bruce McGillCharlie - Kristin Kreuk

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A drama following an ex-military investigator who helps people in need.

Former Army police corps major Jack Reacher roams the country as a drifter, taking odd jobs and investigating suspicious situations.

When he arrives in the town of Margrave, GA, Jack finds himself under arrest for the community's first homicide in decades. As he works to prove his innocence, a conspiracy emerges that leads to the town requiring Jack's help to get to the bottom of.

Based on the books by Lee Child.

Comments (12)

05/04/24 at 07:55pm

While Alan Ritchson just opened his mouth and shared his political views, won't be watching this show anymore.
02/21/24 at 03:39am

Such a good series, great characters and great action. And a show that doesn't pander and cry about woke bs, it just focuses on being entertaining. It's good to see a real Manly character in entertainment again. Need more shows and movies with guys like Alan Ritchson and Henry Cavill.
Steve S.
12/15/23 at 02:57pm

This Reacher looks good. He has long arms for law. If I go for the trial of Amazon Prime, does anyone know if they make it possible to binge on S1 thru up-to-date?
10/06/22 at 10:58pm

Entertaining series. Decent characters and reasonably good story. I'll tune in for the next season. 4/5
Kris jones
03/01/22 at 05:05pm

This actor was born to play Reacher! He’s perfect for the part, as are the other actors. So far the show is following the book very closely. Happy to read that it’s already been renewed for Season 2.
Juan Pablo
02/10/22 at 07:02am

Terrible show, outrageous detective work. Unlikeable characters. Bad story.
Steve S.
02/08/22 at 02:21am

Yes. Obviously it's no coincidence.
02/07/22 at 07:27pm

Steve... you do realize Jack Reacher w/ Cruise was based on these same books, right? It does't seem like it. There's 20+ books. The series is great...I liked the movies too. So glad it's been renewed.
Joe Reacher
02/07/22 at 10:32am

I miss you little brother.
02/06/22 at 02:27pm

This is the Reacher from the books. BTW, I counted 28, not counting short stories and novellas. I hope this continues for a long time.

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