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Feb 08, 2023 - Apr 24, 2024








Nell - Gina RodriguezSam - Hannah SimoneLexi - Lauren AshEdward - Rick GlassmanDennis - Joshua BandayCricket - Angela Gibbs

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A comedy following a woman looking to restart the life and career she left behind years ago.

Nell Serrano is newly single and broke, and working to restart the life and career she left behind five years ago. When she is hired for the only job she can find - writing obituaries - Nell starts getting life advice from an unlikely source.

Adapted from the book 'Confessions of a 40-something F**k Up' by Alexandra Potter.

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Carol heminger
07/19/24 at 11:45am

Love love this show I have told lots of family and friends to watch and all of them also like it.
05/15/24 at 03:20am

Like Gina Rodriguez, but this show was trying to be like the show Ghost. Not surprised it got canned.
05/11/24 at 02:04pm

I liked the better BEFORE Brad Garret’s appearance. Still, it was refreshing break from the usual fare.
06/11/23 at 11:40pm

My wife and I just started watching this show (we are very behind on our DVR), and after a 4 episode binge-watch, we both really like it. It is something fresh and different, with no real violence (despite all of the dead people :-) ), profanity or grade-school potty humor. We were have to read above that it has been renewed for a 2nd season. Keep up the smart and fun writing (after the strike).
05/14/23 at 02:34am

This is a kind of a light hearted show with some entertainment value at a time when there's not much to watch that's not serious or so-called-reality. However, I absolutely hate the way this and other shows are portraying white women. I understand having lots of shows with different races as main characters and such, but the fact that we have been wiped off the entertainment sphere almost completely other playing a nasty villain who no one likes, or the horribly stuck up rich shrew like this in show.....c'mon. Hardly anyone is like that. I can't relate to anyone on tv anymore which is depressing and part of the point of shows and inclusion, which is not inclusion but replacement. I flip flop each week with this show, and I would be seriously surprised if it got renewed. Can't stand that boss to the point that she makes me often want to stop watching, and some of the stories have been beyond boring, but some of them have been really good.
05/05/23 at 08:08am

This is a really cute show. Funny and charming with well written characters. The roommate is great and starting to really enjoy the boss.
05/02/23 at 12:51pm

Love the show... my wife and I have gotten a kick out of it
04/25/23 at 08:20pm

My wife and I have been loving this show. I like the concept of each obituary subject coming in and teaching Gina Rodriquez’s character so much and the chemistry between her, her roommate and Cricket is so adorable!
03/10/23 at 11:53am

I am enjoying the show. Gina Rodriguez plays the part well.
03/10/23 at 09:38am

I actually agree with Barb. This show has grown on me and I love Gina Rodriguez. I enjoy the ghost and their stories. Martin Mull is a nice addition and love the Cricket character.

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