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A drama exploring the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship between a depraved teacher and a waitress trying to repair her marriage.

Noah is a happily married public school teacher and aspiring novelist who resents that he depends on his wealthy father-in-law. Alison is a waitress who is trying to put her marriage back together after a tragedy disrupts her life.

When Noah and Alison meet in Montauk, New York, their resulting affair leaves emotional and psychological effects on them both.

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Posted 02/01/17 at 20:36:26

Ataylor...don't bother watching this season. Allison and Cole were almost non-existent most of this season, Noah was a crazy person and Helen was shown as a needy stalker person. The finale' was so boring that I almost fell asleep.
Posted 01/29/17 at 16:54:39

We had to downsize out cable to save some & and no longer have showtime. I've never missed an episode of the affair so I need to know if there is anywhere I can go online to watch it for free? Thanks
Posted 01/24/17 at 12:32:47

Jeff, I agree! It seems like they made this season the "Noah and Helen" show. They made Noah look crazy and Helen look desperate. Not good writing! I was really surprised when it was picked up for another year after watching this season.
Jeff Greene
Posted 01/24/17 at 06:58:46

Fabulous acting its like watching an excellent Broadway drama...but disappointed that writers made Noah into some kind of psychotic-- he was a brilliant thinker and writer, there had to be a better story line, such as Noah realizing his old ways and changing to become a good person to Helen and their children and just concentrating on his writing a new novel.
Posted 12/06/16 at 09:55:36

Is it just me or is this season REALLY slow?
Posted 11/26/16 at 20:22:52

Is there enough objectifying women in the popular culture? This is just another example of older men gazing fondly at (wait, no, actively seeking out) younger women to support their middle-age crisis. Does Showtime really need to capitalize on a misogynistic plot line that's been celebrated by male cultures by at least 2000 years? Profit!
Posted 01/01/15 at 03:20:46

love the show kinda annoyed at how different their stories are
Virgil Johnson
Posted 12/04/14 at 14:52:24

Terrific show. Glad to see that it is renewed for a second season.

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Genre: Drama

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Dominic West (Noah)
Ruth Wilson (Alison)
Maura Tierney (Helen)
Joshua Jackson (Cole)