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TV Tidbit: Season 2 of Speechless premieres on Wednesday, Sept 27 at 8:30pm.


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Network: ABC

A comedy following the life of a family that has a special needs child.

Maya DiMeo is a mother devoted to her family which includes her husband and her three kids, of whom the eldest, JJ, has special needs. As Maya battles injustices, both real and perceived, the family looks for a fresh start after moving into a new home. They also hope to find the right person to give JJ his "voice."

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Posted 03/21/17 at 16:33:34

ABC no longer promotes the show, I can see why, its not good at all.
Posted 02/11/17 at 18:26:00

We love it! Please do not cancel this show!
Posted 10/31/16 at 18:23:07

Great fun. So long before I had a show that made me actually laugh out loud.
Posted 10/12/16 at 14:15:09

This show is quite different from most family comedy sitcoms. I think it's great that they have included one of the children with a disability and put a funny spin to it. Will definitely keep watching!
stacey allam
Posted 09/30/16 at 11:56:56

I loved this show Finally a show about a family like mine
Posted 09/30/16 at 06:33:26

This week was funnier than last week's pilot! I think this show will be sticking around for a while--I hope.
Posted 09/28/16 at 22:04:04

Tried to watch this show again tonight, but had to change the channel. It's unwatchable...
Posted 09/21/16 at 21:05:46

We found the pilot episode very funny. It was not a dig at special needs, but how the ups and downs can be on the family and the special needs person. With a comedy twist of course. Pilot gets an A+! Keep up the good work on episode 2!
Lisa in Tampa
Posted 09/21/16 at 20:10:17

I LOVED this show!! Surprisingly hilarious. I was never a big Minnie Driver fan but she's incredibly funny in this show!
Posted 09/21/16 at 10:38:40

I give it one season,if not a few episodes..Looks awful and Minnie Driver is a drama diva...

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Genre: Comedy

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Minnie Driver (Maya)
John Ross Bowie (Jimmy)
Kyla Kenedy (Dylan)
Mason Cook (Ray)
Micah Fowler (J.J.)
Cedric Yarbrough (Kenneth)