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Sep 21, 2016 - Apr 12, 2019








Maya - Minnie DriverJimmy - John Ross BowieDylan - Kyla KenedyRay - Mason CookJ.J. - Micah FowlerKenneth - Cedric Yarbrough

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A comedy following the life of a family that has a special needs child.

Maya DiMeo is a mother devoted to her family which includes her husband and her three kids, of whom the eldest, JJ, has special needs. As Maya battles injustices, both real and perceived, the family looks for a fresh start after moving into a new home. They also hope to find the right person to give JJ his "voice."

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07/10/20 at 01:29pm

This show made me laugh so much! I really think they should rethink cancelling it and bring it back! It was all good fun and many laughs!
08/09/19 at 02:14pm

Just realised this has been cancelled (UK) and I’m gutted! Minnie & John Ross are completely brilliant
05/13/19 at 06:02am

I truly wish they had kept this show and cancelled Fresh Off the Boat -- which has gotten mean spirited. And with Constance Wu's horrific reaction, it will make it even harder to watch next season. I thought Speechless was a great family show with emphasis on living with a disabled child and the hardships and comedy that they endured to make it work. I will be sorry to see this family go. But at least the last episode was sort of a finale -- but it would have been great to follow JJ through his New York experience!
05/12/19 at 11:59am

I truly enjoyed this show. the whole cast and support actors made this show really great. It was touching and thankfully the season finale tied up enough to make it a great series finale.
04/13/19 at 01:19pm

The season finale feels like a series finale... is it concluded?
01/13/19 at 05:47pm

Ppl keep watching or it won’t get renewed. It’s a good show with a cute family story.
07/03/18 at 09:12pm

Cute witty little show.. I love the fact that even though they have a special-needs character, many of the episodes have nothing to do with that and he’s just another character in the show. Refreshing. .. And sweet without being sappy.
04/12/18 at 07:55am

I think this show is so inventive and brave. The cast is great and I could watch Minnie Driver all day! Hope there is a third season!
01/19/18 at 12:01pm

It's so nice to watch a show about a family like ours and many others and the struggles we go through every day for our children. To those who say they can't enjoy the show, I believe those are the people without sensitivity to the people who have special needs and their families! Please continue to renew the show!
03/21/17 at 04:33pm

ABC no longer promotes the show, I can see why, its not good at all.

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