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An action drama following a team out to stop a time-traveling criminal from destroying America.

After a mysterious criminal steals a secret time machine with the intent of changing the past to destroy America, the future of humanity lies in the balance. To deal with the threat, a handpicked team is formed consisting of a scientist, a soldier, and a history professor, who use a prototype of the machine to travel back to critical points in time.

The mission won't be easy, as the team must must be careful not to let their actions adversely affect the past, while also staying one step ahead of the dangerous fugitive in order to put a stop to his path of destruction before time runs out.

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Posted 05/15/17 at 19:04:52

Please bring this show back. My husband and I absolutely adored thus show and really got us into learning more about these historic events.
This show has a really fun twist on time travel and I really hope they bring this back.
It's not easy to find a show my husband and I will watch together but this one fit the bill.
michael dobey
Posted 05/13/17 at 13:52:16

This show had lots of buzz. And it won the most wanted show to be renewed that was on the bubble. The cast must be very happy. It's a good show and it and the exorcist beat the odds!.
Posted 05/13/17 at 13:40:41

Did someone from the future come back and tell them it was a bad idea to cancel this time travel show?
Posted 05/13/17 at 10:48:55

Change of plans. NBC canceled the cancellation lol. It's coming back after all.
Posted 05/13/17 at 10:37:02

NBC just reversed their decision on Timeless! They are no longer cancelling it!!
Posted 05/12/17 at 15:21:56

So very tired of investing my time on dramas on NBC and ABC only to get them cut off. This show was especially fun and interesting. I haven't been this upset since ABC cancelled "Forever".
Posted 05/12/17 at 04:36:53

Show was amazing,great story-lines and history lessons included
Posted 05/11/17 at 18:51:13

This show was AMAZING!!!!!!!! How could you cancel it? NBC sucks. Seriously.
Posted 05/11/17 at 13:48:29

Welp, that's it for me and checking out new shows. I really liked this one. I guess I'll just start waiting to see if shows get renewed before I waste time getting invested.
Posted 05/11/17 at 09:50:21

Thanks NBC you ******* waste our time and you cancel the show , pathetic....i knew you would cancel it ...decent show like emerald city and you cancel that too ....
ive no words to say ....

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Goran Visnjic (Garcia)
Abigail Spencer (Lucy)
Matt Lanter (Wyatt)
Malcolm Barrett (Rufus)
Sakina Jaffrey (Denise)
Paterson Joseph (Mason)
Claudia Doumit (Jiya)