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An action drama following a team out to stop a time-traveling criminal from destroying America.

After a mysterious criminal steals a secret time machine with the intent of changing the past to destroy America, the future of humanity lies in the balance. To deal with the threat, a handpicked team is formed consisting of a scientist, a soldier, and a history professor, who use a prototype of the machine to travel back to critical points in time.

The mission won't be easy, as the team must must be careful not to let their actions adversely affect the past, while also staying one step ahead of the dangerous fugitive in order to put a stop to his path of destruction before time runs out.

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Comments (28)

Posted 02/23/17 at 22:02:08

Please Don't Kill This Show!!!!! This is one of my favorite shows. i love the cast and their connections with each other. they have come a long way and still have so many questions after the finale episode.. that's one thing i hate about new shows they are good and they cancel them but they keep crap like south park or the simpsons for decades and decades... seriously i really hope they keep this show..... Especially Since they got rid of Grimm which is another good show..
Posted 02/22/17 at 11:07:57

great show deserves a 2nd season
June S.
Posted 02/22/17 at 02:22:06

Please renew this show NBC. I know that you love to cancel these time traveler shows but go against what you did in the past. Timeless is smartly written and I look forward to watching the show when it is on. The actors are great! The other networks are competing against this show but most people have Cable DVR'S that can record 4 shows at once. You must have a great shows for them to come after this one. Give this show a chance! There is a lot of more stories to be written. Thanks!
Posted 02/21/17 at 15:55:27

Best show in a long time !!!!
Bernie Larsen
Posted 02/20/17 at 23:38:43

I can't believe they're actually contemplating killing this show! They really screwed up when they cut the original number of episodes to only 16..! Too much potential for great and complex storylines to establish in that short a time. And then leave it hanging at the end of the season as to whether it will be renewed or not, leaving the show runners to have to try to tie up the story they actually did manage to establish?!? A shabby way to treat a series that could be absolutely outstanding, if only the network would put in a true commitment to it!
Posted 02/18/17 at 22:48:35

Last one this week ...cant hold my breath any longer
come timeless cancelled? ...please please don't ....i want to see rittenhouse get blown ...and(spoilers) our fugitive heros find Flynn once and for all .... Is he really the one we all looking at or is it back on the control ....i wanna another season!!
Posted 02/13/17 at 22:12:46

Great show, shortchaged With only 16 episodes Next are 22 episodes and deal with rittenhouse!!!
Posted 02/08/17 at 22:00:01

I want this to go second season ...and a full commission of 22 ,not 16 episodes
if they cancel this it will cause a question what about rittenhouse? ....ok so what if there is fantasy ,quantum leap had fantasy too look how that went....however this is too good a show to cancel , which will happen ...even i can see it happening...all the good shows get cancelled .....
in closing you reading the comments NBC ....well there is praise for this in uk ...keep making the show ....its great, fantastic and worth the investment
nuff said !!
Posted 01/31/17 at 13:26:26

Everyone knows Timeless is fiction, this show brings an amazing what if for the imagination, and I and my children love the show. I watch it and record it for my kids because it's a school night and so I let them watch it on the weekends. As they learn history they are able to question and actually notice fiction from non fiction and there is fantasy where it gives me the leeway to start conversations with them as to way is this true and not true. I'm tired of all the sex in some of these shows and if I want to watch RX rated shows well there's enough of them to watch already. Frequency is another great show and Puregenius. Just because shows are not sexual enough or sleazy enough it isn't fair that your ratings are only based and taken into consideration for only the ages of 20-35 range
is just not fair that 40 over is not a part of your niche and your greed and competition with other networks for ratings...well is just outrageous!
Patricia Zamboni
Posted 01/28/17 at 12:55:12

Okay all you negative Nellies out there... It's Entertainment TV not the History Channel. That being said I think the show is great. I really do hope that NBC surprises us with a season 2. Every show isn't for everybody but for those of us who love the show we do hope it continues

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Goran Visnjic (Garcia)
Abigail Spencer (Lucy)
Matt Lanter (Wyatt)
Malcolm Barrett (Rufus)
Sakina Jaffrey (Denise)
Paterson Joseph (Mason)
Claudia Doumit (Jiya)