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An action drama following a team out to stop a time-traveling criminal from destroying America.

After a mysterious criminal steals a secret time machine with the intent of changing the past to destroy America, the future of humanity lies in the balance. To deal with the threat, a handpicked team is formed consisting of a scientist, a soldier, and a history professor, who use a prototype of the machine to travel back to critical points in time.

The mission won't be easy, as the team must must be careful not to let their actions adversely affect the past, while also staying one step ahead of the dangerous fugitive in order to put a stop to his path of destruction before time runs out.

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Comments (17)

Posted 01/17/17 at 09:56:58

Finally sat down and binge watched the first part of the season. I was pleasantly surprised. Took me an episode or two in order to fully get into it, but I liked it. I enjoy the characters and how, no matter how much one tries to change history and the others try to stop him, some events transpire regardless. Maybe not in the exact same way, but as if there are some things in history you can't change. At least that's what I got from some of the episodes. I also love seeing them come back and seeing how it changed the current world. It definitely is a slow starter, but the more you watch, the more you enjoy. Hope it can make it to a second season.
Posted 01/16/17 at 21:07:27

Love this show.
Posted 12/28/16 at 19:36:49

I absolutely love this show
Posted 12/22/16 at 22:51:27

I like the time travel theme, also the characters and suspense. Hope it continues.
Posted 12/21/16 at 11:07:17

It's an ok show. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. It could be that my expectations were too high. I was a huge fan of shows like Quantum Leap so I guess I was expecting something similar, which it isn't. Not to me anyway. I'll keep tuning in though.
Posted 12/06/16 at 23:09:15

Great new show and great for family viewing. I really hope this show gets renewed. It's my favorite new show this year.
Posted 12/06/16 at 20:42:19

I keep waiting and hoping for Timeless to grow up and get the guts to go beyond very superficial scripts. The conspiracy backstory is very poorly developed so far and very little effort has been put into developing the potential changes to history based on their actions beyond one character getting a fiance. I'll keep watching for now hoping for better down the road.
Linda Hoskins
Posted 11/28/16 at 20:50:45

Is Timeless being Canceleddddddd??
Posted 11/24/16 at 11:10:04

To: "Dave James," You will only have so many "typings" in your life and you WASTED some on a comment that was nothing but pure SNARK! "Congratulaions."
To: NBC, This is the DUMBEST time travel show EVER! The atomic bomb episode clinched it for me. TBC....
Andrew Chmyr
Posted 11/12/16 at 08:40:34

This is what I call a "Thinker" sadly anything that takes more than a room temperature IQ to understand usually doesn't survive. Anyway I like it and hope that it continues so far my TV watching consist of Timeless, Elementary, and the Big Bang Theory. If these go by the wayside I guess I'll save money canceling cable,

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Goran Visnjic (Garcia)
Abigail Spencer (Lucy)
Matt Lanter (Wyatt)
Malcolm Barrett (Rufus)
Sakina Jaffrey (Denise)
Paterson Joseph (Mason)
Claudia Doumit (Jiya)