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Oct 03, 2016 - Dec 20, 2018




Drama / Action




Garcia - Goran VisnjicLucy - Abigail SpencerWyatt - Matt LanterRufus - Malcolm BarrettDenise - Sakina JaffreyMason - Paterson JosephJiya - Claudia Doumit

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An action drama following a team out to stop a time-traveling criminal from destroying America.

After a mysterious criminal steals a secret time machine with the intent of changing the past to destroy America, the future of humanity lies in the balance. To deal with the threat, a handpicked team is formed consisting of a scientist, a soldier, and a history professor, who use a prototype of the machine to travel back to critical points in time.

The mission won't be easy, as the team must must be careful not to let their actions adversely affect the past, while also staying one step ahead of the dangerous fugitive in order to put a stop to his path of destruction before time runs out.

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Brenda Anderson
11/02/19 at 02:36pm

What do you expect NBC to keep a extremely low rated show. Also the creators hated us viewers. After season 1 they should never have had a cliffhanger. This was a no brainier on the p[art of NBC.
Just Someone
12/30/18 at 08:04am

RAtings were 3.2 million for the two hour "finale". Higher than the last episode of season 1. There's been a ton of promoting by the SaveTimelessHQ group on fb. Banners over comicon, billboards in Times Square. The actors are supportive too. DON'T LET TIMELESS DIE! SIGN THE PETITION!! Only 11 more to reach 15,000 signatures! https://tinyurl.com/ybo34u4l
Mike d
12/25/18 at 04:37pm

Oops , I did not check my post , I meant to say do not expect a miracle like amazon did by picking up the expanse off scy fy. season 3 was the ending and finale.
Mike d
12/25/18 at 04:33pm

This show was given a ending on dec 20th. most shows do not get a wrap up like that after being cancelled, that was technically season 3. So do expect a miracle like amazon did by licking up the exoanse.
Mark Quijada
12/22/18 at 02:35pm

That was one of the stupidest stunts taking it off the air. How are we supposed to know what happens after we just saw the movie? You've got to bring the show back. You're going to have thousands and thousands and thousands of people very upset if you don't.
12/20/18 at 09:23pm

Best show ever they keep bad shows like cop and hospital shows that are basically the same episode every week with the same basic story or drugs and murder and yet cancel this twice. Who makes these decision?
Robert and Jennifer
12/19/18 at 11:50am

Tomorrow night (Thursday December 20th) at 8 PM-EST, watch for it! There will be a series FINALE. Two hours. Set up for VCR and/or DVR whether you're going to watch it or be at work or in class. I know we will.
Robert and Jennifer
11/30/18 at 11:14am

We need to go back into time and replace the writers and executives so they don't cancel another good show. The fans are your best bet for script ideas and I think we can do a better job then the executives.
10/03/18 at 09:07am

I wood have like too see the last show wood have been, the team goes back to beginning and take out Conner Mason and his lab.
09/17/18 at 09:10am

NBC already did give it a final season. Any reasonable person would see that after it was cancelled once it stood little chance of season 3. The Creators just don't know how to write and ending.

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