May 10, 2017

It is being reported that NBC has cancelled Timeless after its first season. This is sad news for fans of the show, as its final episode in February left with a cliffhanger that will now go unanswered.

The action drama premiered last fall as part of the network's fall line-up with a lot of momentum behind it. The show was created by two veteran producers, had a high profile time slot airing after The Voice on Monday nights, was heavily promoted, and received high critical praise from early reviews. While its premiere episode got off to a solid start, ratings slipped in subsequent weeks leaving only a limited audience who kept tuning in.

Signs the show was in trouble started to become apparent early on. When NBC added additional episodes to the show's freshman run, only three were ordered. Co-creator Eric Kripke also cautioned fans on his Twitter page, writing that its live viewer ratings likely needed to improve to warrant another season.

Timeless followed a team of time travelers who were chasing down a mysterious criminal intent on changing the past in order to destroy America. The team worked to keep up with the dangerous fugitive to stop his path of destruction, while being careful not to let their actions adversely affect the past.