January 16, 2011

Dexter has been a strong performer for Showtime, recording record ratings in its fifth season and already renewed for a sixth. At this year's Television Critics Association Press Tour, David Nevens, the network's President of Entertainment, spoke optimistically about the future prospects for the show.

Said Nevens, "I think there's a lot of life left in Dexter... it's up 11% in its fifth season which defies the usual physics of television ratings. I think the audience is still coming to it. It's not a plot driven show. It's, fundamentally, a character-driven show. A lot of the show is the tracking of his evolution and in the maturation of Dexter he's barely an adolescent. In the way I watch the show. It's been picked up for one more year, but I personally believe there's life beyond that."

With such high praise coming from Showtime's top man, a seventh season for Dexter is almost a certainty. Past that, it will likely be more in the hands of the showrunners and how far they want to take the show creatively.

(Source: IGN)