June 22, 2018

It's a sad day for the #Clockblockers out there, as NBC has once again cancelled Timeless. The move marks the second straight year that the network has pulled the plug on the series, only this time there will be no reversal of its decision.

Fans of the action drama had been holding out hope since last month's finale that a third season may be in the cards. And like last year, the show ended on another major cliffhanger that might not ever be resolved. I say 'might' because there have reportedly been discussions between NBC and the show's producers about a possible two-hour movie that would properly conclude the story and give fans the closure they undoubtedly would appreciate. Talks are still ongoing, but the likelihood of it actually happening is unknown.

Timeless premiered in 2016 with a good amount of momentum behind it. Created by two veteran producers, the series was given a high profile time slot on Monday nights along with heavy promotion. While it was well-received by critics, a solid start in the ratings was not long-lasting, and ratings slipped over the course of its run leaving only a limited audience who kept tuning in. And while NBC eventually decided to bring the show back for a second season, its numbers only got worse this time around.

Timeless follows a team of time travelers who were chasing down a mysterious criminal intent on changing the past in order to destroy America. The team works to keep up with the dangerous fugitive to stop his path of destruction, while being careful not to let their actions adversely affect the past.