October 18, 2018

NBC has reportedly ordered three additional episodes for the first season of Manifest, bringing its total up to 16. The freshman drama premiered last month and is four episodes into its run.

The hour-long series follows the passengers and crew of Montego Air Flight 828, which recently landed safely after being reported missing five years ago. To those aboard, though, it was just a typical flight with a bit of turbulence. With the returned passengers and crew back home, they now face a new reality with a second chance. But a deeper mystery starts to unfold as some of the returned realize they could be meant for something greater.

Through its first four weeks on the air, Manifest ranks as this season's most-watched and highest-rated new series. While today's three-episode top up might seem on the small side - and falls short of a typical full season order - the network's decision likely relates to storytelling reasons as the show is highly serialized.