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Sep 24, 2018 - Present






Michaela - Melissa RoxburghBen - Josh DallasGrace - Athena KarkanisJared - J.R. RamirezSaanvi - Parveen KaurOlive - Luna Blaise

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A drama following the return of passengers from a flight that disappeared five years ago.

When the passengers and crew of Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely on the ground after experiencing a turbulent flight, everyone was relieved. But unbeknownst to all aboard, the world seemingly aged five years during the course of their short flight.

With the returned passengers back home, they now face a new reality with a second chance. But a deeper mystery starts to unfold as some of the returned passengers realize they could be meant for something greater.

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07/01/20 at 10:45am

I hate Michaela. She's annoying. I can't watch her anymore so I doubt I'll tune into another season.
05/22/20 at 04:11am

Had potential in the beginning, but it LOST me. Won't be heartbroken if it is cancelled. I assume announcement is coming shortly since FOX and ABC announced their cancellations/renewals this week.
05/05/20 at 08:52pm

Well, I finally made the decision to pull the plug. I guess it's the wasting six years of my life on "Lost" to invest that much in this show when it is already getting ridiculously away from the original premise. I don't trust where its going, so I'm out. I'll just wait and read about it later.
04/09/20 at 07:36pm

I’m like a lot of y’all I’m sick of Michaela she makes me mad with the way she is doing Jared and the zeke line omg I can’t even start on that one I love the show but can’t stand the michaela and zeke characters
04/07/20 at 04:20pm

Like the premise but SO TIRED of Michaela.
04/06/20 at 08:47am

Manifest started going downhill when it became obsessed with Zeke. Every episode now focuses on Mic and Zeke, and all mystery about the passengers disappearing, the original story that hooked me, is gone. Mic was more likeable before this became a soap opera about her love life.
03/24/20 at 02:51pm

I actually enjoyed the first season but am not loving the second. Part of the problem is the character Michaela. I liked her initially but the more this show goes on, the more annoying I find her to be. I mean, this is a detective that never once thinks the guy she used to date who is also a detective might be working undercover? I knew that from the very beginning! How is it she didn't? Not to mention she has no problem just falling in love with whoever is around. I just can't stand her anymore which makes me focus on the other characters. This has caused me to realize they aren't very good actors. I'm over this show. I won't be surprised if they cancel. it.
12/01/19 at 09:14pm

Loved first few episodes, but then it got away from the whole plot line? Unwatchable.
11/15/19 at 08:58pm

Love this show. It just keeps getting better and better. I look forward to watching it every week. Please don't cancel.
04/25/19 at 04:29pm

Do not cancel this show! We love it! Great actors! Love how they all play a part in each other’s lives! Keep it on the air!

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