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Sep 24, 2018 - Present






Michaela - Melissa RoxburghBen - Josh DallasGrace - Athena KarkanisJared - J.R. RamirezSaanvi - Parveen KaurOlive - Luna Blaise

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A drama following the return of passengers from a flight that disappeared five years ago.

When the passengers and crew of Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely on the ground after experiencing a turbulent flight, everyone was relieved. But unbeknownst to all aboard, the world seemingly aged five years during the course of their short flight.

With the returned passengers back home, they now face a new reality with a second chance. But a deeper mystery starts to unfold as some of the returned passengers realize they could be meant for something greater.

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08/31/21 at 10:25am

Netflix gave this a final 20 episodes And lost comparisons are not valid.
08/24/21 at 01:19pm

I absolutely hate that this show left on such a huge cliffhanger! The show was good and like all good shows that challenge the brain it got canceled. This is complete bull. I really hope that maybe another network picks it up, maybe Netflix??
Anne Graham
08/10/21 at 03:00pm

I'm fed up of all my favourite shows getting cancelled. I absolutely loved this, jut finished it and came on here to see if it was cancelled and was gutted to see it was. So mean.
07/07/21 at 00:55am

The show was great during the first season and half of second season but the back half of season 2 and the entire season 3 was really bad. Honestly was shocked it was cancelled, but I'm also somewhat no surprised either. I am a little annoyed it ended on a cliffhanger though. Shows that are "bubble shows" where they could potentially be renewed or cancelled should NOT be allowed to end a season on a cliffhanger.
07/02/21 at 05:57pm

I can't believe this show got cancelled! IT WAS A GREAT SHOW!

I hope another network picks it up :( I did hear they might turn it into a movie to give it a proper ending.
06/20/21 at 06:51pm

Yet another good series bites the dust,how about the’powers that be’that have the cancellation power just say‘your cancelled but you have 3 episodes plus a two hour finale’to tie up your loose ends,or is that playing into the viewers hands a bit,god forbid!!!
06/16/21 at 05:44pm

I am surprised the show got cancelled but I was going to cancel it from my DVR anyway. Watching the three dudes going up in smoke was the last straw for me.
06/16/21 at 02:48am

At the end of season three I looked at my wife and said, they are going to cancel this show. I figured that out without any “callings.”
06/13/21 at 10:45am

Three seasons and NO conclusion? Yeh, I’m done….deleted from DVR.
06/12/21 at 02:41pm

Needs cancelled. The acting is awful (why are they always out so of breath?) and the storyline is beyond ridiculous at this point. And did they get some sort of bonus for every time they used the word “lifeboat” this season? It seems like a lot of shows anymore have a really good premise for one season, not thinking about how they’ll keep it going if they actually get a second season. Then they get renewed and have no idea what to do next.. I think that’s what happened here.

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