August 28, 2021

Word is out that Netflix has ordered a fourth and final season of Manifest, saving the show from cancellation just two months after NBC gave it the ax. The news will surely delight fans of the mystery drama, who have helped it perform well on the streaming service despite being cancelled. Producer Warner Bros. has been involved in extended negotiations for a while now to bring the series and its cast and crew back.

While the show's original network couldn't find a way to bring it back for Season 4, Netflix surely saw the demand after the first two seasons have been topping its charts since June. There was talk at the time of possible interest from other outlets, but momentum for a new season appeared to die out despite pleas from fans who kept the #SaveManifest hashtag alive on Twitter.

Manifest follows the passengers and crew of Montego Air Flight 828, which recently landed safely after being reported missing five years ago. To those aboard, though, it was just a typical flight with a bit of turbulence. With the returned passengers and crew back home, they now face a new reality with a second chance. But a deeper mystery starts to unfold as some of the returned realize they could be meant for something greater.

The fourth season of Manifest will likely return sometime in 2022, comprising of 20 episodes split into two 10-episode parts. This final run will be able to give dedicated fans some much-needed answers as to exactly what happened to the passengers of flight 828.