February 23, 2023

ABC announced today that The Goldbergs will be coming to an end after its current 10th season. On the air for a decade, the comedy seemed to nearing a conclusion after the loss of two of its stars in 2021 - George Segal, who passed away, and Jeff Garlin, who departed the show after misconduct allegations.

A consistently-reliable performer for the network, the series spent a good portion of its run as one of ABC's highest rated comedies. The show surpassed the 200-episode milestone last year - a truly impressive feat for a current live-action comedy.

Loosely-based on the childhood of creator Adam F. Goldberg, The Goldbergs takes place in the 1980s and follows an overprotective mother, her hot-tempered husband, and their three kids, who are a handful to say the least.

The series finale of The Goldbergs will air on May 3.