The Goldbergs

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Sep 24, 2013 - May 03, 2023








Beverly - Wendi McLendon-CoveyMurray - Jeff GarlinPops - George SegalErica - Hayley OrrantiaBarry - Troy GentileAdam - Sean Giambrone

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A comedy following kids growing up in a dysfunctional 1980s family.

The Goldbergs are a typical loving family back in a simpler time known as the '80s, with just a tad more dysfunction.

Beverly is a classic overprotective mother who rules her household with full authority. Her husband Murray is rough around the edges and hot-tempered. Together they have three kids: Erica, Barry, and Adam - who are a handful to say the least.

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05/04/23 at 08:27am

good show! good run! good bye! goodnight!
Lori McGuire
09/21/22 at 06:20pm

So they found a way to write Murray out. My question is; How did they write PopPop back in to the show when they wrote him out due to natural causes and cremated him shortly after George Segal died?
Just Someone
08/08/22 at 05:53pm

to Mike F... Murry was not there, they used unused footage and clips from other shows as well as sound bites from other shows and stand in's when needed.

I'm so curiuos how they will write murray out. I sure hope they don't have him pass away. pops' episode was sad enough. even tho murray was a jerk off screen, it would still be sad for the characters and I don't want to watch that lol.
Mike F
03/14/22 at 09:14pm

After an absence, it looks like Murray was back for Erica's wedding. Is that a one-off or did they iron things out - whatever was going on? Here's what I found: - some misbehavior warrants them using his character and other means of keeping that role in the story.
Ira Johnson
02/25/22 at 09:01pm

Love the show but it feels empty without the actor who plays murry
07/11/20 at 07:54pm

This is a funny and wonderful family show! Glad to see it is staying around.
Parish J
05/22/20 at 01:10am

Glad to see it’s renewed for season 8!
05/13/20 at 11:29pm

id love to see 10 seasons as that be the 80s so who knows was tied up if it does get finished on season 7 you heard the last words of the final scenes
05/13/20 at 11:27pm

parish there is no official word yet ...five sites have said unless you in the ABC top brass ....then how come you allowed to say something is renewed when any mentions get moderated
Parish J
02/14/20 at 08:42am

Wouldn’t mind a season 8!

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