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Nov 14, 1988 - Dec 20, 2018








Murphy - Candice BergenCorky - Faith FordPhil - Pat CorleyJim - Charles KimbroughEldin - Robert PastorelliFrank - Joe Regalbuto

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A comedy following the life of a famous investigative journalist and news anchor.

Murphy Brown is the outspoken star investigative reporter for F.Y.I., a Washington, D.C.-based television news magazine. Once an alcoholic, her sobriety is regularly tested by the chaotic atmosphere inside the F.Y.I. newsroom.

On camera, she is smart, sharp, and tough; while off camera she is intriguingly flawed. When not dealing with her eccentric cast of co-workers, she works to deal with personal and professional issues.

Comments (29)

11/24/18 at 09:45am

I have decided to not watch any show that tries to force a Liberal viewpoint down my throat. When Hollywood decides to stop it, then maybe I'll start watching. I turn on a sitcom or drama or movie because I want entertainment. I will continue to get my news from a news channel and newspaper and then use my own brain to form an independent opinion on an issue. I don't believe something just because Hollywood tells me that's what I must believe or I'm a bigot, a racist, or mysogynist. Maybe all the new shows this year are in the toilet for a reason.
10/24/18 at 03:14pm

Network TV where talent goes to die. CBS is where they resurrect the dead in hopes that talent somehow has crept in to their dead carcasses. This proves talent won't be a problem here as there is none. Just a political comedy with "has been actors" spewing thier worthless opinions to anyone stupid enough to watch. Spoiler alert: anyone mindless enough to watch this show is already voting Democrat, no chance picking off any independents with this tripe.
10/06/18 at 11:15am

Boring and stupid. Obvious purpose of show is to provide venue for more tedious Trump bashing. Take that out and nothing is left.
09/28/18 at 09:27pm

LOL ... 1.1 rating for the opening episode, even having Hillary on as the first guest star, it still tanked. This show will be a 1 season and done if they make it that long. Perspective ... Roseanne opener was a 5.2 share same demos.
09/28/18 at 01:52pm

Wasn’t going to watch it, never saw the original episodes, but I am so glad I did. Absolutely hilarious fantastic show. LOVE IT!!!!
09/28/18 at 05:57am

I liked the original run, but said see ya after 15 mins of this crap. Just another left sided anti-Trump political statement from the enlightened ones in Hollywood.
09/27/18 at 05:33am

Bringing back tired old shows like this and Magnum P.I. shows how far the letter networks have fallen
09/06/18 at 09:54am

In my opinion, I think this show was picked up because television producers are running out of ideas for original scripted series.
08/28/18 at 04:20pm

It was good the first time around. This time they are only bringing it back for Trump bashing purposes. No thanks.

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