• Season 24 of 'Law & Order' premieres on Thursday, Oct. 3 at 8:00pm.

Law & Order

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Sep 13, 1990 - Present




Drama / Crime


Lupo - Jeremy SistoBernard - Anthony AndersonVan Buren - S. Epatha MerkersonCutter - Linus RoacheRubirosa - Alana de la GarzaMcCoy - Sam Waterston

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A procedural that follows officers and prosecutors who represent the public interest in the criminal justice system.

Law & Order is known for following a two-part format, with the first portion of each episode focused on the investigation of a crime, and the second portion detailing its prosecution.

Comments (7)

05/02/24 at 04:40pm

I am no longer a fan of the new cast members. I won't be watching this show anymore
11/04/22 at 05:23pm

Have any of you people even watched the new episodes? This is the worst, leftist propaganda crap on tv right now. I know your all Democrats but really does it have to impinge on everything in life! You cant get away from it no matter what. Bad enough the corporate media is totally corrupt and most TV is shit why did they have to ruin Law and Order too? One more cop show with an anti gun message like the FBI shows with agents running all over blowing people away and.............
Just Keith
02/24/22 at 05:41am

Yep. It's a resurrection of the series.
12/23/21 at 10:27am

Are these returns?
05/15/12 at 10:20am

Excellent cast, intelligent and witty writing --- consistent over the entire 20 years on aire. LOVED this show. Hated to see it cancelled, but glad to see it ended on top. Jerry Orbach, you were there 13 years until your death. You MADE this show. Miss you so much. A lot has changed in my life over the past 20 years. I am glad I had this show to create a diversion that was often needed. Thanks!
10/12/11 at 01:41pm

I can't believe Law and Order was cancelled. This program was some of best television ever produced. I can't believe this show was cancelled, and stupid reality shows and predictable sitcoms are still broadcast.
Jim Lepping
10/06/11 at 10:18pm

Oh my Gosh! I totally believe NBC called this one correctly. I watched and enjoyed Law & Order for the first few seasons and then I got sick of it and the spinoff too...

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