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Oct 01, 2006 - Sep 22, 2013








Dexter - Michael C. HallRita - Julie BenzDebra - Jennifer CarpenterVince - C.S. LeeSgt. Doakes - Erik KingLt. LaGuerta - Lauren VélezDt. Batista - David ZayasHarry - James Remar

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A drama focused on a serial killer who also works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter analyst.

Orphaned as a young child, Dexter was adopted by a police officer who took notice that he was displaying sociopathic tendencies. To give Dexter an outlet for his twisted urge to kill, he teaches him to target only people who deserve it.

Dexter's victims are those who have slipped through the cracks of the justice system, out free and unpunished in society. Dexter works close to the justice system as a blood spatter analyst, which allows him to cover up his own crimes while hiding in a role where the least people would think to look.

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07/07/13 at 02:10pm

What a shame this is the last series, not enough quality shows on the airwaves.
06/17/13 at 10:49am

THE LAST SEASON.What am I going to do without Dexter?! I realise how tragic that sounds (I'm English - that's why I spell realise that way.)
01/08/13 at 01:06pm

I sure hope Dexter goes on for years to come. We look forward to a show that is actually interesting. So sick of reality shows!!! Keep Dexter.
10/19/12 at 11:41am

Finally, season 7 has it's vibe again, that was lost in season 6. Dexter is dark again and the new twist (which I shall not mention here, so no spoilers) is great. Let's see where it is headed.
10/18/12 at 06:58am

Absolutely my favorite show on TV. Taking nothing away from DEADWOOD and SONS OF ANARCHY, this is the best ever. First I've heard of the show ending after season 8. Tragedy if this happens. Networks cancel so many many good shows and it would be a travesty if DEXTER bit the dust. But, I guess with the public's infatuation over reality and junk programs, I could see why it would happen.
06/26/12 at 01:11pm

too bad only 2 seasons left :S
06/03/12 at 01:39pm

i hope dexter will continue after seasons 7 and 8, 1 of the best tv shows I've seen :D
04/18/12 at 01:44pm

final season should be epic

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