Hawaii Five-0

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Sep 20, 2010 - Apr 03, 2020




Drama / Crime




Steve - Alex O'LoughlinDanny - Scott CaanChin Ho - Daniel Dae KimKono - Grace Park

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Book 'em, Danno.

Officer Steve McGarrett returns to the Hawaii and joins up with Danny Williams to start an elite branch of the Hawaii Police. In this update to the classic series, the special forces team hunts ruthless criminals and other lawbreakers.

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09/23/16 at 10:13am

Gary its called "Suspension of Belief" -- lighten up and just enjoy the shows, they are not meant to be hard hitting, intellectual giants but just good fun entertainment to get way from the world for an hour or two.
06/08/16 at 11:59pm

yay another good show (better than the original one)
linda c
11/11/14 at 11:23pm

Love, love, love this show I grew up watching old Hawaii Five O series give me this any day and take all the infomercials off
08/26/14 at 08:04pm

Then you should watch the knowledge network
06/20/14 at 06:25am

I think Hawaii 5 0 is the same as all the rest, Falling Skies, Covert Affairs, The Walking Dead, Strike Back and 24, to mention a few. These are all little (maybe a lot) far fetched. Non of these series should have gone this far. And yes some of us do have BRAINS
05/04/14 at 02:13pm

My title: Saving Amir ... bad idea ! This is the 4th time I've posted. All I ask for is a "small" amount of plausibility ... Plz ... I had to quit watching "The Walking D ..." for the same reason. I know it's entertainment but believe me I do have a brain.
02/18/14 at 06:18pm

Good show
Mrs. Cleaver
12/23/13 at 04:20pm

Kono will be back, the actress was just on maternity leave. Kono can't be kicking butt with a big belly now can she. LOVE this show.
11/23/13 at 04:54am

I think the plot for Kono next season is that she will find her missing boyfriend, quit Hawaii 5 0 and leave the show.
07/09/13 at 08:18am

I love this show, one of the ones bearable to watch. All of the cast are wonderful, I hope Kono comes back. Even if I didn't love the show I would watch it just to see Alex O'Laughlin....he is definitely worth watching. Keep the cast as it is but solve the Wofat issue and get another plot.

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