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Sep 09, 2010 - Dec 27, 2013


The CW


Drama / Action




Nikita - Maggie QAlex - Lyndsy FonsecaMichael - Shane WestBirkhoff - Aaron StanfordThom - Ashton HolmesJaden - Tiffany HinesAmanda - Melinda ClarkePercy - Xander Berkeley

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An action thriller based on the 1990 French film Nikita that follows a spy and assassin who has gone rogue.

Nikita centers on a secret organization known as Division. This group targets troubled youth, erases all evidence of their past lives, and molds them into efficient spies and assassins.

Nikita is the first recruit to escape and promises to bring down her former employers.

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08/09/13 at 00:13am

Best show ever hope it never ends.....
06/03/13 at 09:05pm

Nikita is the best show ever!!!
I'm so excited for the next season!!! I can't wait(: Keep doing great!
Private Detective
05/30/13 at 09:19am

With Division all blown to kingdom-com, what's next for Nikita and her crew?
04/13/13 at 11:47am

I hope this one goes for another season at best!
03/28/13 at 12:04pm

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Nikita gets renewed, it's such a good show and I've really enjoyed the current season. Only problem I have is how it's being shuffled all over the place on the channels that air it (CTV & The CW) you never know when it's on anymore & if it's a new eppy :s
02/23/13 at 11:56pm

Just checked the ratings for season two and three. Started really low this year but has been on a steady climb and is going to end up better than season two. So something is working, hope they keep it for next year. MKL
02/23/13 at 11:50pm

Great show yesterday. I do think that killing the hot blond CIA agent was a mistake. She had personality looks and magnatism the type this show needs. Had they recruted her it would have been a asset , to late now. Bummer the mucky mucks strike again with poor choices. MKL
11/06/12 at 02:14pm

I enjoy Nikita, but with the good guys now in control of Division, I can't help but wonder if this is the final season of the show. They're now cleaning up the rouge agents. It seems like the killing of Percy and their takeover of Division might have been a "jump the shark" moment.
10/13/12 at 10:13am

If Nikita which is one ove the BEST SHOWS EVER - FULL OF ACTION?? If this show " is taken off of local channels 4/30 S.L.C.,Ut then We will NEVER WATCH THOSE STATIONS ? YOU DON'T CARE WHO LIKES WHAT & WHO WANTS TO STILL WATCH?? IT'S ONE OF THE BEST - LEAVE IT ALONE?? I called Chanel 4 last night & was told it was a " corperate dicission " - if that's true = you suck ??LEAVE IT ALONE ??
07/12/12 at 04:20pm

Very cool show !!!

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