The Walking Dead

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Oct 31, 2010 - Nov 20, 2022




Drama / Horror




Daryl - Norman ReedusCarol - Melissa McBrideMaggie - Lauren CohanMichonne - Danai GuriraEugene - Josh McDermittRosita - Christian SerratosGabriel - Seth GilliamAaron - Ross MarquandNegan - Jeffrey Dean MorganEzekiel - Khary Payton

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A horror television series set in post-apocalyptic times.

Set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, a small group of survivors travel across the United States, which is now a desolate wasteland. Surrounded by hordes of zombies, they search for a new home away from the undead.

Sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes leads the group, as their desperation to survive pushes them to the brink of insanity.

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02/04/19 at 10:31pm

Time to put this show to bed !!! Once they killed Carl and Rick left for solo films, it jumped the shark. Carol is the only great character left. They should have stayed closer to the source material. Regardless what he says publicly, Kirkman can not like where this show has ended up !
ZOMBIE show analysis
08/18/18 at 07:12pm

Is this show still on? Only extreme die hard fanatics can continue watching it. I'm surprised it lasted this long. I heard their ratings have plummeted. Not surprised at all. I was an avid watcher, and watched every episode from the beginning though.

The first 3 seasons were good, but in season 4 the episodes got extremely boringly slow and almost lost me then, but I continued watching in hope it would pick up with more good zombie action.

I didn't like them killing off Hershel, Beth and Lizzie in the series. And mating Rick with Michonne was a total mismatch. But I kept watching until the first episode of season 7 when Glenn was gruesomely bludgeoned to death by some deranged madman and his group.

In the beginning of the series it was hero ex-cop Rick and his group defending themselves against mainly zombies, and "killing" the zombies was fun to watch, the more the better. But finally by season 7 it became mainly man vs man instead of man vs zombie. It wasn't that Glenn was killed off, but the gruesome way he was murdered with his head bashed in with a baseball bat with such force that it caused his eye to pop out. That did it for me. Way too gory!

I didn't like that Carl lost an eye either and had developed a rude attitude against his father. I later heard he was bumped off in the series. I didn't like the constant comparison of the TV series from the comic book version either, which helped to spoil the surprise plot line. If they killed off the main character of Rick, I would have stopped watching it at that point. I used to eagerly watch their panel discussion at the San Diego International Comic Con each year, but now I couldn't care less.

So in conclusion, when the show's theme became man vs man with offensive goriness instead of the original man vs zombie in the zombie apocalypse, that was the time to call it quits.

I never did like the idea of them calling them "walkers" anyway which was totally ridiculous. All people are walkers or runners unless crippled, and not all zombies are able to walk either. Everyone knows that the real and proper term is zombie, with no ifs, ands or buts about it.

A zombie needs to finally bite the series and be done with it!
08/17/18 at 10:45am

I just keep checking back waiting for this stupid show to finally die....
08/04/18 at 07:58am

Big fan! This show is far better than Fear of the Walking Dead - I'm am so happy bringing Back! Season 9... Looking forward to premier on Sunday
07/31/18 at 02:47pm

Used to be my favorite show - never missed an episode. Looked forward to it every week. Then they killed Carl!! That was the worst thing they could of done. Now I hear they are killing off Rick next. I'm done with this show.
03/08/18 at 01:09pm

I used to be a huge fan of this show. It started to get stale and then they brought in Negan, a character I had been waiting for, and life was breathed back into it. I was hooked all over again. I do read the comics and am glad they don't follow them to the letter. It makes things interesting and new.....but then they killed off Carl. Stray a bit, keep some characters alive that are dead in the comics and vice versa, add a few new problem, but Carl? That is such a huge part of the future storyline to me that I actually couldn't believe they did it. And that's not praise. The Negan/Carl storyline was my favorite and such an interesting look into both characters. The Whisperers introduction was because of Carl. Yes, I know they can just have someone else take Carl's place, but why? There wasn't a need to. I took this off my DVR. It's not The Walking Dead anymore. It's just a show about living in the zombie apocalypse. I'll just keep reading the comics.
Mary Duff
02/08/18 at 04:18pm

I really am a big fan of this show but I can not tolerate that Negin person. He has completely ruined this show for me. I also am extremely disappointed that Glenn & Abraham are no longer on. I feel some really bad moves were made.
06/19/17 at 09:43am

This is not the best show on tv. It could be but I'm about to delete from my dvr. I'm sick of all the episodes where they don't show half the characters and some episode they only show one or two. Half the time I can't even remember what was going on when they circle back around. Why am I the only one that thinks it makes for poor quality tv!!
Ken in Las Vegas, NV
04/21/17 at 03:20pm

Well, EVERY TIME someone runs off on their own "personal mission", they end up dead or end up hosing things up for the entire group. Rick should have put a stop to this in season #1, but no-- the writers keep using this same old ruse and it's getting REALLY OLD. Fights with a larger, better armed group must be done either with anonymous attacks (like bombings, etc.), or must be done as a coordinated guerrilla warfare effort. I hope the writers will wake up and stop having people run off on their own agenda in the next season. IEDs and long range sniper rifles with properly trained people are key to winning this kind of thing. Having head-to-head firefights when you are outnumbered 10:1 will only result in failure. Also, Rick needs to learn the art of sacrifice-- even if they have guns on your friends; if you have a shot at Negan that is 100% guaranteed to be successful, then TAKE THE SHOT, no matter WHAT happens afterwards.
Nicole Burrows
04/04/17 at 10:48am

Done with this show.

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