Fairly Legal

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Jan 20, 2011 - Jun 15, 2012


Drama / Legal




Kate - Sarah ShahiJustin - Michael TruccoLeonardo - Baron VaughnLauren - Virginia Williams

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A legal drama following a legal mediator.

Kate Reed was a San Francisco lawyer who changed her profession to a mediator working at the law firm started by her late father.

Comments (59)

Cheryl Brown
10/08/13 at 00:54am

I too am really disappointed, kept waiting for the new season only to see on here it was pulled. I really enjoyed the first season with the romantic interaction between Kate and Justin, but when they brought that little guy in, I think it really sunk the ratings. They didnt need him. The show was still standing on its own two feet. It was really interesting. I've seen Sarah on Chicago Fire this season as the pregnant girlfriend of one of the firefighters and she plays a good role, but its just not the same. Alot of her fire is gone, they're not playing her as a strong character. But its still good to see her on something again. I heard she was on another show too, I'll have to go check that out as well. USA... stop cancelling the good stuff and leaving the crapy stuff on the air. WE watch your TV Shows, its whats better for your viewing audience. Not sure where you're getting your numbers, but they are wrong wrong wrong.
08/28/13 at 03:08pm

Another show my family enjoyed gone. Oh well watching TV isn't that healthy anyway. Time to look for other activities. Just wish I knew what kind of idiots made these decisions.
06/13/13 at 11:08pm

killed my favorite show, all great characters
05/23/13 at 01:38pm

Really really sucks. Great show, plot line & characters.
So disappointed especially when lesser shows were renewed. Please bring it back. USA what a mistake.
05/22/13 at 02:00pm

Another good show that you could actually sit down, laugh and enjoy. Seems all of these type of shows get taken off the air. Just don't understand.
05/17/13 at 09:59am

wow wtf usa really?! There's such crap on that network now, w/their reality tv shows. Plus psych, burn notice all ending soon so why get rid of this one? It should still be on :(
05/16/13 at 07:07pm

dang dang dang
05/10/13 at 03:48pm

just don't understand they keep crap shows on tv like the the bachelor that has all these insecure women looking for a husband on tv like you can fall in love in a few weeks then if there not picked there all crying.
or these surviveal shows who cares if you can like in the jungle.
04/23/13 at 06:42pm

Truly sad that this show would be cancelled with all the trash reality TV there is these days .This show was such a blessing. Funny, witty, romantic and intriguing. USA my time with you is getting less and less with the programming you've selected.
Ellen S
02/24/13 at 00:05am

that is so wrong I was so disappointed what are you guys trying to do to me I'll look at the show every time they come on I work from home I get bored. I guess back to boredom

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