Game of Thrones

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Apr 17, 2011 - May 19, 2019




Drama / Fantasy




Eddard - Sean BeanTyrion - Peter DinklageKing Robert - Mark AddyJaime - Nikolaj Coster-WaldauCatelyn - Michelle FairleyCersei - Lena HeadeyDaenerys - Emilia ClarkeJorah - Iain GlenPetyr - Aidan GillenViserys - Harry LloydJon - Kit HaringtonKhal - Jason MomoaRobb - Richard MaddenTheon - Alfie AllenSandor - Rory McCann

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A medieval drama chronicling the violent struggles for control of the Iron Throne of Westeros.

Based on the best-selling "A Song of Ice and Fire" series of novels, Game of Thrones tells the story of the struggle between noble families for ultimate control of the Iron Throne of Westeros

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Robert Lane
09/27/19 at 12:37pm

04/13/19 at 12:04pm

I'm waiting.....
Mike Setterlund
01/02/19 at 07:19am

I wonder how much ratings Game Of Thrones will lose since the scumbags over at AT&T backstabbed the Dish Network customers by taking HBO away from them? AT&T's greed will lose ratings for the shows on HBO.
Lady Marilyn
01/08/18 at 01:07pm

What do you care if there are black people portrayed as slaves or servants? Or gay people. Since when does any of THAT ever qualify any show as a good? So they showed a dwarf, a lesbian in the closest, and a paraplegic. Incest? Meaningful? Really?
Duke Nukem
07/27/17 at 05:44pm

This series is good, but there's no people of color who aren't slaves/servants, and there's only one dwarf. Also, where's the gay men? I guess Brienne is a lesbian, but she's still in the closet, what a shame.. Well, at least there's a paraplegic and some meaningful incest.
07/03/17 at 08:49pm

This is just horrible. I am so used to looking forward to GOT and I can't find anything that I love as much to even look forward to. There's a few shows I am happy to see the new season coming, when they start showing clips, but none that I think about all year like I do GOT. Actually, there are many fantasy stories, with many books in the series, that I have read that are better than GOT. It's just that they don't produce them as well, such as one of my favorites the Shannara series, which is kind of a disappointment. They should look into doing a series based on David Eddings books "The Belgariad" and continuing in "The Malloreon". There's 5 books in each series and two books about the main characters. Anyways, I digress. I hope they come out with some GOT spinoffs that I can look forward to.
06/16/17 at 07:38pm

This show should not end! It's just WRONG!
04/14/17 at 04:22pm

say whatever you want....this show is and will ever be considered epic.....I became a fan in season 4 and binged the first three seasons in three days. I then introduced the show to my wife and she also binged the first three seasons within a week. Haven't missed an episode since.
06/08/16 at 11:57pm

Great Show
Long may it reign! lol
MC George Castanza
04/25/16 at 03:50pm

Preliminary talks for Season 7 & 8 was for them to be short seasons. HBO still has no idea if they will tie up the story by season 8 or continue on. Honestly, I have no issue with GoT ending after season 8. HBO should start closing each character storyline before it starts to get stale and long-winded, imo. All people are worried about is if Jon Snow is alive, will he become King and if he is related to Danaerys.

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