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Jan 09, 2011 - Apr 11, 2021








Frank - William H. MacyFiona - Emmy RossumSteve - Justin ChatwinCarl - Ethan CutkoskyVeronica - Shanola HamptonKev - Steve HoweyDebbie - Emma KenneyIan - Cameron MonaghanLip - Jeremy Allen White

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A drama following a father of six kids and his dysfunctional family.

Frank Gallagher is an alcoholic father of six children. A true deadbeat dad, he survives by relying on unlawful schemes while leaving his kids to fend for themselves.

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11/25/23 at 10:04am

Wow. This show is just Wow. Shameless is the perfect title for this show. It’s addicting to watch yet it’s so disturbing at times you can’t binge too much. Simply a brilliant show though. I’m about half way through!
Joe P.
07/08/22 at 07:38am

I have been a fan of the show since day 1. A lot of the struggles and the comedy helps the true hardships of reality be more digestible. The acting is superb and the delivery is amazing by the actors. Personally the situation is relatable for me because my childhood resemble that type of hustle to survive mentality.

Unfortunately up until the end to the end AKA the last episode I was invested. However I feel the ending Was rushed or some unknown factor nagged at me as if this the ending just didn't feel Authentic to the show or its Characters fully. Toward the end Stories seem to be just told For the simpler reason to be told or a quick snicker snicker by the audience.

I personally believe if I skipped the final season I would be satisfied with the outcomeAs a conclusion.
12/21/20 at 09:08pm

My husband and I have loved this show from day one. I gotta say though the last season I started to lose interest, it got a little to silly and gross for me. My husband can't even watch this new season..Sorry Shameless but I'm glad this will be the last season. Probably should of ended season 9
07/20/20 at 12:39pm

03/09/17 at 07:37am

LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!! Been a fan since day 1! I've been binge watching this show on the off seasons. Cant get enough of Shameless!!! Don't ever cancel this show. Best thing ever on TV!!
08/28/15 at 07:21pm

The best train wreck on television.
09/13/14 at 10:58am

Love this show, please do not cancel. Reasons I love it, its funny, its not another show about a perfect family that's always happy and has no problems. I find it to be more realistic (though not all families have an absent alcoholic father, leaving an older sibling to raise the kids) but it shows what life is like for poor working class people. The UK version is not good, but this one has a great cast, and has real life issues that a struggling family might face, that despite it all love each-other and have each-others backs.
08/25/13 at 12:17pm

love this show, but i miss jane levy as mandy
06/18/13 at 05:59am

I Hope Season 4 Is As Good as Seasons 1 & 2 Season 3 Could've Been written Better It really sucked compared to the First 2 seasons.
03/25/13 at 08:49pm

Fantastically well-written and well-acted show. One of my all time favorites....right up there with Six Feet Under.

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