Switched at Birth

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Jun 06, 2011 - Apr 11, 2017








Daphne - Katie LeclercBay - Vanessa MaranoRegina - Constance MarieJohn - D.W. MoffettKathryn - Lea ThompsonToby - Lucas Grabeel

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A drama following two girls who find out they were mistakenly switched at birth.

Bay Kennish is an artistic teenage girl who grew up in a wealthy home, raised by her stay-at-home mother pro-baseball player father. After testing her blood type in a class at school, she discovers that it does not match her parents. Genetic testing confirms this, and the family comes to learn that Bay was mistakenly switched at birth with another newborn girl at the hospital.

This other girl is Daphne, a teenager living with her single mother in a working class neighborhood. She is also deaf and attends a special school for the hard of hearing.

When the families meet, the girls discover that there are certain aspects of their lives that identify more with their biological parents. Both families now struggle to learn how to live together for their daughters' sake.

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Kyndal Gilbert
08/11/17 at 12:09pm

joan ferris
04/11/17 at 08:18pm

So sorry that this heartwarming show is being cancelled. It had a wonderful story line and I looked forward to Tuesday nights. Perhaps it could be continued. Loved ALL the actors.
02/14/17 at 11:11pm

This is such a good show!! Why are they canceling after this season??? This is why I don't watch series they always end up canceling them.
04/17/16 at 11:24am

well I am going to be sad when this show is off the air I love this show but after season 5 is over they be taken it off the air why do they have to take it off the air why why why its not fair to all of us that love this show it makes me mad they take off the best shows that everyone loves its not fair or right
12/09/15 at 07:27am

When I first saw this it was finishing up season 1, When Netflix was awesome and had streaming I binged watch all the episodes within 2 days, Now I watch this every time its on. One of the best tv shows out there! never ever cancel it, NEVER!!! renew it for 20 more seasons!!
08/15/15 at 08:58pm

Summer Premiere Monday, August 24th 8:00 😀
02/17/15 at 03:20am

Please tell me this show isn't cancelled ?????
Veronica Barnhart
02/08/15 at 02:21am

Will this show be renewed for a 5th season?? Love this show & since I'm hard of hearing, I'm learning a little bit of ASL from this show. Love everything about it! Praying it gets picked up for another season!
Megan Parker
11/01/14 at 00:21am

When it first started, I was ecstatic to see a show centered around deaf characters. It has since turned into a soap opera and the never-ending relationship drama between the characters is very, very old. Daphne has turned into a loose hussy and Bay's attention-seeking whining increases with each season. I want so much to continue liking this show but it is as if the writers are purposely trying to turn viewers off.
09/20/14 at 04:27pm

It a great show and can't wait to see season 4 next year. I am hearing impaired and partly deaf. This is why I like the show a lot. Have fun everyone.

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