Switched at Birth

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Jun 06, 2011 - Apr 11, 2017








Daphne - Katie LeclercBay - Vanessa MaranoRegina - Constance MarieJohn - D.W. MoffettKathryn - Lea ThompsonToby - Lucas Grabeel

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A drama following two girls who find out they were mistakenly switched at birth.

Bay Kennish is an artistic teenage girl who grew up in a wealthy home, raised by her stay-at-home mother pro-baseball player father. After testing her blood type in a class at school, she discovers that it does not match her parents. Genetic testing confirms this, and the family comes to learn that Bay was mistakenly switched at birth with another newborn girl at the hospital.

This other girl is Daphne, a teenager living with her single mother in a working class neighborhood. She is also deaf and attends a special school for the hard of hearing.

When the families meet, the girls discover that there are certain aspects of their lives that identify more with their biological parents. Both families now struggle to learn how to live together for their daughters' sake.

Comments (31)

07/16/12 at 10:54am

Is this show going to come back anytime soon??
07/15/12 at 05:07pm

Love this show.
06/27/12 at 10:42am

Love this show! Im a Tvier. haha! I totally agree with Kathleen . all of Abc Familys shows are good! But i would understand if switched at birth was cancelled. the way it left off in thhe finalle you cant do much more without totally ruining the shows theme.
06/17/12 at 10:28am

I love this show soo much! Does anybody know if it will have another season? To Cara H if u get scared easily maybe the lying game but if u dont get scared easily I would defienetly recommend pretty little liars I like all of the abc family shows:) hope this helped
Carl O.
05/28/12 at 00:13am

Have been enjoying this show on Netflix. Good family entertainment. Hope it will be back for a third season.
Cara H
05/18/12 at 03:48pm

OMG LOVE THIS SHOW does anyone know of any other shows this good??
05/15/12 at 01:35pm

Enjoyed watching the last episodes on TV so I looked for it on Netflix and was able to start season 1 from the beginning. Really looking forward to season 2. Please hurry and start Switched at Birth.
04/20/12 at 01:09am

I must admit I like this show, hope they can keep the storyline interesting.
04/18/12 at 01:41pm

Love it wish they would bring it back sooner than fall
Aria Brielle Kennedy
03/16/12 at 04:26pm

Such a good show!

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