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Mar 01, 2012 - May 24, 2012








Michael - Jason IsaacsHannah - Laura AllenDr. Evans - Cherry JonesIsaiah - Steve HarrisEfrem - Wilmer Valerrama

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A drama following a man caught between two realities.

Since his car accident, detective Michael Britten's mind has created two realities in which his wife survived in one and his son survived in the other. At any given moment, he is not sure if he is awake or asleep - one minute he's awake with his wife, and at the blink of an eye he is awake with his son. With people in both realities assuring him he is not dreaming, he must now try and find out which reality - if any - is real.

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03/13/13 at 08:46am

Not impressed NBC... Loved that show... Not cool!
03/08/13 at 06:43am

NBC U suck! How do ya get people hooked on a good show & a great story and leave people hanging?, I think the lest these TV stations should do when they decide to cancel a show is air one last show to end the story so you can at least see what the deal is and not leave ya hanging!
02/19/13 at 09:43pm

One of the best shows airing at the time. I was pretty sure he was in a coma and neither of the realities were real but I will never know because some IGNORANT JACKASS cancelled it! STUPID STUPID STUPID PEOPLE IN CHARGE!!!!
hakeema howell
02/13/13 at 07:00pm

This was one of the best shows nbc had in years in I'm really mad it's canceled. The story was unbelievable and real at the same time. It would be great if another station picked it up
02/12/13 at 07:21pm

This was an awsome show that made me think of all the possible ways they could have went, but threw me for a loop everytime.
01/14/13 at 02:40pm

Yes it was at a tough time slot but that is what the DVR is for. I will miss this show. I was so anticipating the resolution. It's no wonder that my DVR has more CBS shows that any other network.
12/09/12 at 05:04am

I can't believe this; this is an EXCELLENT show; maybe we will have to start looking at the Vampires and Zombies. What is next Gotzilla?
11/03/12 at 12:52pm

I am very disappointed in this cancellation. It was a great show. I love Jason Isaacs. He is a great actor. I liked the premise of the show. It was fun unraveling the mystery. Why would NBC cancel a great show like this and leave all that reality crap on TV? NBC never knows when it has a good thing because if it's good, it's cancelled.
11/03/12 at 12:46pm

Disappointed to learn of this shows cancellation. Again we have been left with NO conclusion. That is just not fair. I bet more episodes were written with perhaps an intelligent ending. What a shame. :o(
10/25/12 at 10:19pm

My husband and I LOVED this show. There are many great shows we both very much enjoy. They all seem to keep getting cancelled though. The common denomenator?? They are NOT REALITY SHOWS. I am sick, up to my neck, ready to puke, would rather eat dirt every day than watch another one....Reality Shows are taking over every network and they are not entertaining. I don't care what nobodys do all day long, what booy band members do when no singing, who's going to pretend to fall in love with who just for publicity. Its all so sickening. I have so many friends who have abandoned paying for cable/dish and are sticking strictly to Netflix and/or Hulu just so they can continuosly watch good TV,shows like Awake that are cancelled when they don't deserve to be. I am thinking these friends have a good idea. I am done with CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, blah blah blah constantly cancelling good TV.

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