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Sep 23, 2013 - May 13, 2021








Christy - Anna FarisBonnie - Allison JanneyJill - Jaime PresslyWendy - Beth HallAdam - William FichtnerTammy - Kristen JohnstonBaxter - Matt JonesRudy - French Stewart

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A comedy following a newly-sober single mother dealing with her own troubled mom who is now back in her life.

Christy is a recently-sober single mother and waitress raising two children on her own. Christy's estranged mother Bonnie - also a recovering alcoholic - has recently come back into her life and immediately tests Christy's sobriety with her passive-aggressive insights into Christy's many mistakes.

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Nicole Luvbug
06/23/14 at 11:15pm

Love this show. The mom is so funny. Seen her in s few movies where she was hilarious and so I am glad that she is in a show that I can see every week. The rest of the cast is awesome as well. Very funny show and hope it stays on the sir for a long time coming :)
06/07/14 at 10:28pm

My whole family watches this show. We love it!
It isn't your typical sitcom. This shows deals with decisions and consequences with everyday life from a recovered addict point of view.
No one writes addictive issues better than Chuck Lorre (Two and a half Men).
My favorite characters are Christy, Bonnie and Luke (the clueless boyfriend of Christy's daughter). Would love to see Chef Rudy get a little more air time too.
Felix B.
05/30/14 at 12:16pm

A lousy show, nothing new, everything só predictable. Not worth a second of my time.
05/25/14 at 06:13pm

I never found this show funny, I really tried, after the first 2 episodes I decided it was not worth my time however what do I know I preferred Sean Saves The World and that got canned.
03/28/14 at 03:13pm

My "Go To" show, every week. No matter how lousy I may be feeling, it makes me laugh...And not just once or twice - Throughout!
02/19/14 at 07:44pm

Love it! Allison Janney MAKES this show!
10/22/13 at 11:16pm

Love the barbed responses tossed back and forth! So how long before it gets axed?
mike l
10/10/13 at 04:34am

I find this show very entertaining. One of the best new shows. Hope it stays on the cast and writing is very good. MKL
David Wood
09/26/13 at 00:23am

All the laughs (and they were good ones) were in the first scene. After that, it was another sitcom with unreasonable, obnoxious, overbearing family members (this time a mom) foisting themselves on a wimpy relative (as I wrote about "Dads").
09/24/13 at 09:48am

Love the show so far! Funny and a great cast. Hope it stays on air for a very long time.

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