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Sep 23, 2013 - May 13, 2021








Christy - Anna FarisBonnie - Allison JanneyJill - Jaime PresslyWendy - Beth HallAdam - William FichtnerTammy - Kristen JohnstonBaxter - Matt JonesRudy - French Stewart

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A comedy following a newly-sober single mother dealing with her own troubled mom who is now back in her life.

Christy is a recently-sober single mother and waitress raising two children on her own. Christy's estranged mother Bonnie - also a recovering alcoholic - has recently come back into her life and immediately tests Christy's sobriety with her passive-aggressive insights into Christy's many mistakes.

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05/21/21 at 11:02am

Could they have had a worse ending? Apparently the writers just wrote new stories and then left EVERYTHING hanging. UGH!!!!!
05/14/21 at 07:53am

Clearly they had no idea this show was getting the boot. Sherry pointed out all the issues unresolved and that final scene seemed completely tacked on. Probably only had one season left anyways but still...
05/13/21 at 06:34pm

Thanks CBS...worst finale ever for a great show. We don’t know about Jill’s baby, if Adam beats cancer or Tammy’s love life. SUCKS!!!
03/10/21 at 08:11pm

moving on............ maybe now jamie pressley is free they can reboot my name is earl
03/09/21 at 04:25am

You know, the name of the show is Mom. I thought the show was still hilarious with only Mom there.
02/22/21 at 09:46am

Had a feeling that would happen w/o Anna Ferris no longer there.
12/07/20 at 02:47pm

I loved this show, Anna Faris and Janey were hilarious, they had magic together, not one without the other.
11/12/20 at 11:00pm

No Anna Faris.. should've canceled the show. She WAS the show. Chuck Lore's an idiot.. just because he got away with it for Two And A Half Men when Sheen left.. it's not working on this show. Alan was the PRIMARY character there, not Charlie... Christy was the PRIMARY character here, not Janey. It would have still worked if Janey left, but not with Faris leaving. Janey's character and the rest of "background" supporting cast just ain't that good.
Parish j
11/10/20 at 04:43pm

It really sucks without Anna Ferris.
10/16/20 at 10:47pm

Looking forward to the new season, but sad it will not have Christy. By losing her, I think we have to lose her co-workers, Rudy and Paul, who are just hysterical! I'm hoping that maybe Beverly will get a larger presence, and maybe they can bring in Adam's friends Mitch and Leanne - love them! Or maybe Wendy Malick as Adam's ex Danielle. It's too bad that the character of Jodi's arc was so short and final - she would have been a nice fit....

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