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Sep 24, 2014 - Present






Andre - Anthony AndersonRainbow - Tracee Ellis RossZoey - Yara ShahidiAndre Jr. - Marcus ScribnerJack - Miles BrownDiane - Marsai MartinPops - Laurence Fishburne

A comedy following the lives of a middle-class African-American family.

Andre 'Dre' Johnson has a job he loves, a beautiful wife, and four kids. They even live in a nice colonial home in the suburbs. But has success brought too much assimilation for this African-American family?

Comments (15)

10/03/17 at 03:34am

Somebody kicks the bucket? Grandpa
03/21/17 at 03:29pm

I love Anthony, but this show is stupid.
12/07/16 at 07:57am

Keep "To Tell The Truth" get rid of this crap.
Sally Boomer
09/22/16 at 10:53am

Sooooooooooo baaaaaaad do the right thing ABC and cancel it
09/21/16 at 10:45am

@ heybitches...No there is nothing wrong with being Black..But it's sad I can tell you are Black just by the name you have..Don't be Ghetto..Allot of Blacks don't even act like that.
09/06/16 at 12:07pm

The series title is so stupid. Their not black-ish their black, and there's nothing wrong with being black, the title makes no sense.
05/13/15 at 11:23pm

omg I love black'ish - don't watch too many sit coms - do like The Goldbergs - but black'ish makes me LOL !!! And laughter doeth good like a medicine :o)
04/12/15 at 01:25am

Great show very funny. Hope it will. Be renewed for a second season
10/22/14 at 02:06am

this a Cosby show remake? Seems like it a little
10/15/14 at 03:30pm

This is a great sitcom. "Black-ish" reminds me of "The Bernie Mac Show" that aired on Fox during the mid-2000's. It's nice to have a great show with a minority cast on the airwaves.

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