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Jan 25, 2014 - Apr 02, 2017








James - Toby StephensEleanor - Hannah NewJohn - Luke ArnoldMax - Jessica Parker KennedyBones - Tom HopperCharles - Zach McGowanJack - Toby SchmitzAnne - Clara PagetGates - Mark RyanMr. Scott - Hakeem Kae-KazimRichard - Sean MichaelMiranda - Louise Barnes

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A drama following a notorious pirate fighting for the survival of New Providence Island.

The year is 1715 and in the lawless territory of New Providence Island, piracy is at its height. The region is controlled by some of the most notorious pirate captains, including Captain Flint, the most feared of them all.

As the British Navy arrives to redeem their land and exterminate Flint and his crew, the Captain aligns himself with Eleanor Guthrie, daughter of the local kingpin, to hunt the ultimate prize and ensure his side's survival.

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07/28/17 at 01:28am

Cancelled. Oh well. I'm sure it would have lasted longer if it was a musical with more people of color.
06/29/17 at 12:46pm

After giving this series a chance, it was obvious that it was not worth my time. Yet this is due to the fact that I have access to everything, whereas I've never got to the point of having to scrape the bottom of the barrel with a series as this. So unlike me, if your choices are limited, then sure, this series may be worth watching. Otherwise, I found it dull and dumb. Furthermore, some hate on gay pirates, but pirates need love too. But hurt as this is a pain, even for pirates.
04/23/17 at 05:34am

I liked this show and watched it through the first season. I did lose interest but my husband enjoyed it all the way through and sometimes I still watched with him. Having said that, having read some of the comments made, I do have some comments of my own. First of all this show was never claiming to have much to do with Stevenson's novel. If it did it would be a prequel as these events (very loosely) take place prior to Treasure Island. The writers have been very free with history as well as with the characters so none of it is "realistic" at all. If you had to talk about the characterization, the story of this show would be a statement about some of the events that shaped the Stevenson characters prior to the ones we knew in Treasure Island. Stevenson himself probably would agree that he could see that in Silver or he could agree that Flint would have done that. He would probably ask who is this Eleanor Guthrie B**ch? And he would enjoy every minute of it!
Second, Stevenson would probably not be rolling in his grave. His maternal grandparents were strictly religious and his nanny was also and it is reported that he had nightmares from her fervor. As an adult he considered himself an atheist and he eschewed societal niceties so he probably would have reveled in the raunchiness of Black Sails and enjoyed the fact that in today's society the writers could be so free to show what was a very common and natural human condition. Homosexuality and bisexuality is nothing new and has been accepted by many societies throughout history. Sometimes it was openly accepted and acknowledged and at other times it was not. So who is to say that had Stevenson lived today, he would not have introduced gay or bi characters himself?
That's all I have to say on that. I think the show was very well done and the actors may have been more attractive than most peoples' images of the Stevenson characters, but really? we're going to condemn characters in a show because of how the actors look? Remember this is before Treasure Island and who knows what happened to the characters between this show and the events of the book to turn their looks? Though I was not a regular viewer of the show anymore, my husband enjoyed it and will be sorry to see it go.
04/08/17 at 05:39am

I'm shocked that in this day in age there is this many ignorant homophobes. Pirates rejected society's rules and were very liberal. They openly welcomed homosexuality. You honestly believed there were no gay pirates? Get real!
07/25/16 at 05:48pm

What is your reference in "historically pirates often slept with men if no women were available?" I am curious because this is during an era where it was shunned, unlike say Greek and Roman times. Just wondering your source on that fact.
Is it just coincidence the shows ratings tanked after the homosexual plot reveal?
michael dobey
07/21/16 at 10:04am

Great show. And historically. pirates often slept with men if no women were around. Not all of course. I point this out because homophobics are trashing the show. Sad to hear it's in a final series. At least it will end properly.
06/11/16 at 01:39am

In support of those who don't like Black Sails pushing homosexual characters on them, I want to point out that there's also the matter here of Robert Stephenson spinning in his grave over the fangirl slashshipping of his characters.
To the idiot and those like him suggesting it's (merely) a realistic portrayal: what a joke! For one, the pirates of Treasure Island were never anything close to realistic, even before all these plastic supermodels came aboard in Black Sails. Fiction is symbolism and parable, and the television version all the moreso. So the featuring of homosexuality on all your channels now is not meant as a realistic portrayal of the world, or coincidental, or even fetishism (though it certainly plays that up where it can); it is an overt effort to skew all our worldviews to an unrealistic but politically expedient perception of homosexuality. If you're oblivious, you're doomed to be a puppet and a tool. If you're cheering it, you're already there.
Neil Hansen
04/03/16 at 01:54pm

One of the better shows on tv
03/14/16 at 12:20pm

I look forward to Saturday night to watch Flint, Silver and Vane. A pleasure to watch considering all the useless crap on tv these days.
03/10/16 at 08:59am

Love this show!!! I hope they keep renewing it!!!

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