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Jun 03, 2014 - Jul 01, 2014


The CW






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A reality series that follows a family's quest for fame in just 12 weeks.

This unique social experiment aims to find out if a fame-seeking family can achieve success in 12 weeks time. Family members move to Los Angeles and are filmed around the clock, guided with help from TMZ, which works to create various opportunities for them to break out.

Each family member has a unique talent, but will they be able to translate it into star power in the short amount of time given?

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09/12/14 at 01:48pm

Realty TV Sucks. Realty TV about Reality TV Really Sucks.
07/12/14 at 11:31am

When I first saw who was sponsed the first season I knew the show was not gone to become nothing. First of all the family have too much drama and the mother appear not to be in control when it come to the girls.Also I did not like the part where the father was disrespect the mother became she can not made adult children do what you want them too do. I do believe that if you all do come back on have a let more talent and let drama would be good.
07/09/14 at 06:45am

Stupid show!!! Now if only we can get rid of the Kartrashians......famous for doing NOTHING!
07/06/14 at 01:13am

Michael Harvey
07/04/14 at 00:58am

Whatever you do, do not stop chasing your dreams. Life is full of ups and downs. It's the people that continue to get up who are rewarded at the end. I love each and everyone of you, you are my family and will always be my family.
PS: You are all family and one helluva family and no one can take that from you. So don't let it weaken you, let it give you strength.
From your Brother-in-law and Uncle
Michael Harvey

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