Young & Hungry

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Jun 25, 2014 - Jul 25, 2018








Gabi - Emily OsmentJosh - Jonathan Sadowski

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A comedy following a wealthy tech guru who hires a food blogger to be his personal chef.

Gabi is an up-and-coming food blogger who is inadvertently selected to prepare a meal for a tech entrepreneur named Josh. Little does she know that this chance happening will lead to an opportunity for a new job and maybe even a new love.

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07/10/20 at 04:29pm

This was a cute show. It had its funny moments as well but I wasnt surprised to see it had been cancelled tbh.
12/30/18 at 01:10pm

How could they end this on yet another cliffhanger?? All they had to do was show yes or no. Now we will never know!! That sucks for all the fans who watched all seasons. Booo!!
07/27/18 at 06:25am

I dont see anyone that wants this show to be canceled so why is it it is so funny. Love this show such a great comedy show always looked forward to it. Hopefully someone will pick it up.
06/15/18 at 07:20pm

This has been a favorite show of mine that by the negligence of the schedulers & network has made it difficult to find and watch and continue the connection to the show. "They" screwed it all up and it shouldn't be affecting us because of their incompetence & negligence. Shame on you!!
03/02/18 at 02:39pm

Now I'm mad! No proper ending and I loved this show!
07/07/17 at 10:12pm

Please let there be a season 6!! I need to see more of the show.... please do not cancel
10/16/16 at 04:58pm

I hope this show gets renewed for season 5!
10/01/15 at 06:35am

Very funny show. Please do not cancel.!!!!!
08/17/15 at 01:33pm

Best sitcom!!!
Please don't cancel!!
07/07/15 at 08:40am

this show is so fresh and original, can't want for season 3!

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