Better Call Saul

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Feb 08, 2015 - Aug 15, 2022








Saul - Bob OdenkirkMike - Jonathan BanksChuck - Michael McKeanKim - Rhea SeehornHoward - Patrick FabianNacho - Michael MandoBetsy - Julie Ann EmeryCraig - Jeremy Shamos

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A Breaking Bad spin-off following the life of lawyer Saul Goodman.

In this spin-off drama that takes place six years before the timeline of Breaking Bad, small-time lawyer Jimmy McGill is hustling just to make ends meet while trying to find his true destiny. Somewhere along the way, Jimmy transforms into Saul Goodman, the man who puts the criminal in "criminal lawyer."

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05/30/15 at 02:24am

So watched the series. How long does it take to say it has been renewed and when it will air and how many episodes will it have. Glad I was not on pins and needles waiting What is up with the network? Show is entertaining. Mike really seems to be the star to me. Can not wait to see him in action. MKL@ML
03/03/15 at 06:23pm

a lot of the people are boring law firm cast- as melting butter in the sun
i hope they kill most of them off
Bob H
02/25/15 at 06:21am

4 episodes into the series so far and I would say so far it's a mixed bag. Saul is interesting but, other than Mike and Tuco's crew, the rest of the cast is very dull and boring. I am beginning to wonder if Vince Gilligan is the M Night Shyamalan of television. His first movie was such a big hit that anything after that tanked at the box office.
02/09/15 at 06:43am

Wont SPIN long... :-(
01/17/15 at 10:14am

I missed it the first time, so I'm still watching reruns of Breaking Bad for the first time. I find it a very entertaining show and I bet I'm not the only one that would like to continue watching, at least some of - since we can't have them all, the characters from this show. I don't understand, Gary, how merchandise effects the viewing enjoyment of any particular episode, much less a series, besides commercial interruptions, of course, but both are a necessary evil in a capitalist society. Without money there is no show. I agree monk_juice, but isn't Combo dead? that would be just weird. I can't wait for BCS!!
12/21/14 at 08:41am

plz bring back Badger, Skinny Pete, Combo
12/14/14 at 02:35pm

My husband can't wait for this show. We watched Breaking Bad together while it was on air...and he's watched it one or twice through since on his own. It will be interesting to see where they go with Saul Goodman.
11/28/14 at 11:10pm

Really,I hope this show gets cancelled halfway through first episode..milking the teet of a dead cow...just proves that TV is all about the $ and not entertainment.. Walking dead only positive thing AMC has left and you aholes are slowly ruining that...whoring out the best show on TV for money..I seen this starting midway through season 2..letting corporate america buy into the show and killing it..seeing WD merchandise everywhere just seen a roll of WD tp..overexposed=failure..

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