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Jan 07, 2015 - Apr 21, 2020








Lucious - Terrence HowardCookie - Taraji P. HensonBecky - Gabourey SidibeAndre - Trai ByersRhonda - Kaitlin DoubledayAnika - Grace Gealey

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A drama following a family hip hop dynasty.

In the world of hip hop music, Lucious Lyon is the king. A former street thug, he rose through the ranks by utilizing his talents to become a successful artist and the CEO of Empire Entertainment. But being on top is short lived for Lucious after he is diagnosed with a disease that will cripple him in as little as three years.

With the clock ticking, he must devote his time to grooming one of his sons to take over his crowning achievement, but must make sure not to destroy his already-fractured family.

Lucious has a favorite son in Hakeem, his youngest and a gifted but spoiled musician. Jamal is the middle son who is a musical prodigy but shies away from the spotlight. The eldest son, Andre, is the intelligent and educated CFO of Empire Entertainment, but he lacks the charisma that is crucial to running the company.

As the Lyons vie for the empire, an emotional struggle begins that will either redeem or destroy the family.

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04/21/20 at 08:51pm

I'm so disappointed in the finale of Empire. Since the beginning of season 6 they've been hinting on the demise of both Cookie and Lucius, even going as far as showing a car blow up with Cookie in it. Now, I know that Covid ruined it for us but how can they go so different from the original plot?
Heidi Clark
09/12/19 at 07:22am

Glad to see it leaving,it was more about killing then the music.really went down hill fast.
11/01/18 at 09:42am

What is with the short season of Empire, what is happening. I am sick of American just starting and cutting shows constantly, Please don't release them to other country's if you are just going to cancel them a short time down the line it is frustrating
02/29/16 at 09:22am

is this still on or did it just have a really short seasons my cable was screwed up for a long time i missed some of it , and now i can't find it
01/15/16 at 02:29pm

great show all around dont need to say much
06/18/15 at 01:44pm

great show, too bad FOX has cut it loose due to contract negs. Hopefully it gets picked up by another network!
03/24/15 at 05:18pm

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! The writing is the BEST. Especially Cookie's lines! I can't wait for the next season! Thank you Lee Daniels & Danny Strong!
03/09/15 at 04:34am

I LOVE this show. I guess you could call it a guilty pleasure. But, I have to admit, I get excited when the day gets close.. Keeper!!!!
TV Fan
02/26/15 at 08:20pm

I admit it...this is a guilty pleasure. I can hardly wait for the next episode. Sure hope there is a season two.
01/19/15 at 08:22am

I love the show. It's real and the acting is really good. I enjoy the story line of the parents fueding and involving the boys, who really don't want no part in they drama. The older brother so wrapped up in taking control, is how real life rich people are portrayed. EMPIRE IS LIKE THE HIPHOP BLACK VERSION OF DALLAS.

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