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Mar 17, 2015 - Aug 01, 2019


The CW


Drama / Crime




Olivia - Rose McIverMajor Lilywhite - Robert BuckleyClive - Malcolm GoodwinBlaine - David AndersRavi - Rahul KohliPeyton - Aly Michalka

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A drama following a medical resident turned zombie who eats the brains of corpses and uses their memories to solve crimes.

Olivia Moore is an over-achieving medical resident who was bitten by a zombie during a party that unexpectedly became a feeding frenzy for the undead. Now part zombie herself, Olivia has taken a job at a coroner's office as part of a plan to resist her urges to devour human brains. Her new position will allow her to secretly consume the brains of fresh corpses without needing to kill people herself.

What Olivia doesn't expect is that with every brain she eats, a portion of its memories become part of her own. With this new ability to see visions from the point of view of the victims, Olivia starts to help solve the murders of the people she uses to stay alive.

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12/13/20 at 12:42pm

I was expecting izombie to be meh glad i was wrong good story, acting and an ending leaves you satisfied. Wish there was a few more seasons or a movie. Must watch 10/10.
michael dobey
07/19/19 at 03:17pm

Two episodes left and i wish we got more!. Still at least this will have a proper ending. Unlike the U.K.'s "in the flesh'.
02/13/19 at 10:52pm

Perfect ending. Loved it! Well done
05/28/18 at 09:05pm

Love this show and sad that it will end with this season.
Dustin J Heide
02/26/18 at 08:19pm

I met the woman who plays Liv Morgan a couple years ago at C2E2 in Chicago...she's a sweetheart!!!
12/29/17 at 09:25pm

Never Ever watched Zombie anything before
I absolutely love this show. Please keep coming with
new seasons
Niki P.
09/23/17 at 01:19pm

I am SO GLAD that this hasn't been canceled! I can't wait to see how the new season will start and I PRAY that they don't change the opening music! My daughter and I BOTH sing along with it EVERY TIME!
07/19/17 at 05:15pm

I love I Zombie, hate zombie movies. I have been so numbed I couldn't get anymore after 3 shows this season. I'm so glad it's coming back, the cast.. fit and so much fun.
05/17/17 at 09:32am

I love iZombie! It is my guilty pleasure too. Ravi really makes the show. Kudos to the writers!!
05/17/17 at 05:42am

I love this show ...who gonna admit they sing along to the shows theme....what ??? Only me ???
glad there is a 4th commissioned ...took ages for season 3 to come ....
loving it though ...

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