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Mar 17, 2015 - Aug 01, 2019


The CW


Drama / Crime




Olivia - Rose McIverMajor Lilywhite - Robert BuckleyClive - Malcolm GoodwinBlaine - David AndersRavi - Rahul KohliPeyton - Aly Michalka

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A drama following a medical resident turned zombie who eats the brains of corpses and uses their memories to solve crimes.

Olivia Moore is an over-achieving medical resident who was bitten by a zombie during a party that unexpectedly became a feeding frenzy for the undead. Now part zombie herself, Olivia has taken a job at a coroner's office as part of a plan to resist her urges to devour human brains. Her new position will allow her to secretly consume the brains of fresh corpses without needing to kill people herself.

What Olivia doesn't expect is that with every brain she eats, a portion of its memories become part of her own. With this new ability to see visions from the point of view of the victims, Olivia starts to help solve the murders of the people she uses to stay alive.

Comments (36)

04/14/17 at 04:36pm

My best guilty pleasure......outrageous and funny.....cute cast......sometimes clever writing.
07/04/16 at 09:11pm

I love this show so much 😍 I have rewatched season one and two at least 9 times no joke can't wait for season three 💕 I have two fav shows iZombie and Z-Nation 😍 My favs 😘💕🌸
04/13/16 at 03:28am

Well done this show is so much fun pure Genius, wish I was with Doctor Who in the Tardis I could shoot of in time to the beginning of season 3 and watch more
Don't listen to all the negative comments I Love the way it doesn't take itself serious the whole idea of a zombie working in a morgue brilliant. Keep it going
03/14/16 at 05:46am

kind of a guilty pleasure but i am losing interest. they are trying to turn it into a soap opera. without the supernatural zombie cooolness, its just a show about a pale girl with really bad hair!! and btw, why is liv the ONLY zombie who doesn't color her hair or spray tan? and don't all zombies get the memories of their brains? what makes her special? nothing. and why doesn't clive notice liv's multiple personalities?? sorry, you're not the VAMPIRE DIARIES, you cannot make the show about drama and hardly ever see anything supernatural.
12/11/15 at 01:13pm

I have only seen this show in on-demand situations, but it is a guilty pleasure. Though relatively unknown the cast has gotten me invested in their characters, the writing of which is interesting enough for me to keep coming back. With more episodes ordered for season 2, i am looking forward (with reddend eyes) to seeing more of it. The whole superspicy food thing is pretty hilarious in and of itself. i would like to see a season three.
10/07/15 at 04:51pm

not a huge fan of this show at all and I still can't understand how this show has a second season and not "The Tomorrow People". lol this upsets me =(
06/15/15 at 09:01am

the show is pretty good, however sometimes liv looks like a plastic doll. pasted on smiles require no acting abilities, however not sure if its just the tons of makeup giving her a no-ones home look sometimes or if she's just zoning out. not liking how predictable some of it is like turning ex, saving him, not saving brother, ect. let's see what happen's.
06/09/15 at 02:54pm

For some reason, this show seems to be turning into a Soap Opera and my interest is waning fast.
Jennifer Hasara
06/05/15 at 08:28am

IZombie is the best!!! I miss Bradley James!!! :-(
05/30/15 at 06:21pm

I love this show!!!!

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