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Sep 29, 2015 - May 10, 2016








Dean - Rob LoweStewart - Fred SavageDebbie - Mary Elizabeth EllisDean - William DevaneClaire - Natalie MoralesLizzie - Hana Hayes

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A comedy following a TV lawyer who moves home to join his family's real law firm.

Dean Sanderson is a well-known television lawyer who decides to move back home to Boise, Idaho after his legal series ends to join his family's real law firm. There's a small problem though... Dean has no formal education, no license to practice law, and no courtroom experience.

At home, his brother Stewart is an actual attorney about to take over the family firm. With Dean around injecting his TV drama into Stewart's life, the two don't exactly see eye to eye. But they soon realize that when they stop bickering and start arguing together in court, they actually make a pretty good team.

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01/11/18 at 08:06am

Recently re-watched a few episodes. How did this show not get picked up??
Cheryl Brown
11/30/17 at 10:31pm

Good Lord. Does anyone else also wonder what the CRITERIA is for cancelling a show? The network is NOT getting it from the viewing audience. So many wonderful shows have been axed, and so many crap shows are being kept. Someone needs to be replaced at that level. I hate getting attached to something KNOWING its gonna be cancelled. Boo to you, Network Execs!
01/10/17 at 05:46am

This was one of the best shows to come out in a long time. The cast was incredible. I wish another network had picked it up. 😢
11/22/16 at 08:25pm

This was a really really fun show. Good characterizations...sooo very nice to see this GREAT CAST working together and some folks I didn't even know about that were F U N N Y !!! The juxtapositioning of Fred Savage's character and Rob Lowe's was downright genius. The family dynamic,,,the whole thing - TOP BANANAS....all of them! Shame on you Fox !!! You ditched a great one!
10/17/16 at 07:23am

Just watched the series on Netflix. Gave it all 5 stars because it deserves it. It's a smart funny comedy that should be brought back. Networks never give new shows a chance's a shame.
09/04/16 at 09:34pm

Awesome show cancelled again!! Wth, but you continue to show the horrible animated trash!?!?
06/01/16 at 00:53am

Why does every show I love get cancelled.
05/24/16 at 02:17pm

Such a funny show! I can't believe they're cancelling it! Bring it back! It's unique and entertaining
05/23/16 at 07:16am

Best comedy on TV. We can't believe this is cancelled!
Some other network please pick this up.
05/19/16 at 07:22am

Can another network pick this up? I will watch this any time, any where.
This is laugh out loud funny.... I think the problem was that if you didn't see it from the first episode; you just didn't 'get it'. You had to know that Rob Lowe was being campy, or it just seemed stupid (as was my husband's case when he started and ended with episode 3).

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