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Oct 11, 2016 - Mar 31, 2021








Katie - Katy MixonGreg - Diedrich BaderTaylor - Meg DonnellyOliver - Daniel DiMaggioAnna-Kat - Julia ButtersAngela - Carly HughesDoris - Ali Wong

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A comedy following a mother raising her flawed family in a wealthy Connecticut town.

Katie Otto is an average, yet self-assured, wife and mother of three children who is bringing up her family in the upper-class town of Westport, Connecticut, where you can't be too rich or too thin.

And while her neighborhood is filled with flawless moms and their perfect offspring, Katie's flawed family is comfortable just being themselves - even if it means standing out from the crowd.

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Just Someone
09/12/21 at 09:34am

Had to comment again..
I'm still mad this show was cancelled. I was kinda warming up to the new Anna Kat so I could have lived with that. I was so happy Katie was pregnant. Katie has such a laid back "Sh*t happens" attitude and I identify well with that I think that's why I loved her character so much.
And I also think Oliver would have come out as transgender or gay. (which is fine of course). I think that would have been an awesome storyline because Greg and Katie are so open minded and loving, it literally would have been like,
Oliver: "Mom, I'm (insert gender identity here)"
Katie: "Well, tell us something we DON'T know, now please pass the salt".

(and you just read that in their voices).
Cameron Rogers
07/07/21 at 00:58am

Much like what happened to Katie Mixons last show (Mike and Molly) this show ended without anything being properly resolved as well. Mike and Molly ended rushed and with Molly being pregnant now American housewife ends with Katie being pregnant. These networks need to stop ending shows with bad endings.
07/02/21 at 05:57pm

Aw man!

It was a funny show but did get a little boring towards the end.
06/13/21 at 06:08pm

That’s what happens when you let Anna Kat leave. She was the best.
06/13/21 at 04:42am

Loved the show, but once Anna Kat left it showed the gloom of going off the air. Great cast.
05/23/21 at 01:36pm

I would have watched another season but it wasn't one my favorites. This will open a time slot for a comedy that could become one of my favorites. We'll see.
Just Someone
05/22/21 at 11:10am

Seriously.... Katie was PREGNANT!!! I was so excited for Katie being pregnant.. she's so freaking hilarious!
So now the only thing left on ABC is The Goldbergs and The Conners because Mixed-ish was ALSO cancelled! :( Lord I hope Grown-ish isn't cancelled too! (Never cared for Black-ish, but did watch it on occassion).

TV Goddess
05/20/21 at 03:18pm

Well.. when Anna Kat got recast and Carly Hughes (Angela) left due to claims of a toxic work environment had a feeling this show would be on life support - sad I liked this show
05/18/21 at 05:19pm

NOO!!!! I LOVED THIS SHOW! the only show where the supporting cast was even better than the main cast. Franklin, Cooper, and Trip and even Lonnie were fantastic. katie didn't need any snarky best friends for second breakfast. they might be why the show was cancelled. second breakfast was the worst part of the show and might have gotten it cancelled. listen to your audience.
01/28/21 at 02:21pm

I really cannot warm up to the new AnnaKat. I really liked the other actress and what she brought to the role. This one doesn't fit and is trying too heard.

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