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Oct 11, 2016 - Present






Katie - Katy MixonGreg - Diedrich BaderTaylor - Meg DonnellyOliver - Daniel DiMaggioAnna-Kat - Julia ButtersAngela - Carly HughesDoris - Ali Wong

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A comedy following a mother raising her flawed family in a wealthy Connecticut town.

Katie Otto is an average, yet self-assured, wife and mother of three children who is bringing up her family in the upper-class town of Westport, Connecticut, where you can't be too rich or too thin.

And while her neighborhood is filled with flawless moms and their perfect offspring, Katie's flawed family is comfortable just being themselves - even if it means standing out from the crowd.

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01/28/21 at 02:21pm

I really cannot warm up to the new AnnaKat. I really liked the other actress and what she brought to the role. This one doesn't fit and is trying too heard.
Amy Nunley
01/02/21 at 02:39pm

Only show where the supporting characters are better than the main characters. They know this and in a genius move, got them all under the same roof and got rid of Katie's snarky bffs who were never ever funny or cute. Well done. Dont change anything.
07/20/20 at 12:51pm

Love this show!!
06/28/20 at 04:21pm

Great Cast, not funny though.
Rebecca Roberson
05/28/19 at 01:22pm

I hope it gets renewed one of the funniest shows on Tv
05/21/19 at 06:50pm

I hope this show is renewed for season 4. Good characters &, well acted. So funny!
04/12/18 at 07:54am

I REALLY hope they renew this for a third season. It took me a few episodes to get into it in season one, but I love this show -- and I need something about a middle class family to replace The Middle! Love the cast and the kids are terrific actors.
Will Schneider
02/28/18 at 12:51pm

11/12/17 at 04:06pm

Great show. Katy Mixon is superb in role.
raul colon
05/10/17 at 09:07pm

amazing show ans amazing cast. the writting is superb this show earned a second or even a third season. this show got a lot of stories in it.

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