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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

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Host - Samantha Bee

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A weekly news comedy show featuring commentary on current contemporary issues.

Longtime Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee hosts this weekly late night series that uses her unique comedic voice to give a nuanced view of current political and cultural issues.

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07/30/18 at 07:06am

This show is hilarious. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.
06/16/18 at 04:45am

I cannot believe this show is still on. Roseanne's reruns are cancelled due to tweets but a broadcast on tv is okay. TBS, pick up Roseanne and quit the double standard. But, of course, TBS is a liberal station.
george Solan
06/05/18 at 07:06pm

Samantha Bee makes her living by hate .She tries to be popular by committing acts of social injustice toward other human beings and thrives on human degradation. She believes that it is comical to degrade people with extreme hatred and perversion.Samantha Bee now promotes the idea that women in america should be described by the most obscene vulgar and degrading words in our language.Very sad and pathetic for our nation and must stop.
06/05/18 at 06:41pm

I enjoy her show and what she talks about and complains about Trump I believe is what most Americans believe. Trump is a egotistical nut job who only cares about himself. He says let's make America great again when he really means let's make Trump richer, pay less taxes and the hell with everyone else.
He's betrayed all those loyal supports with his fake policy tax cuts that help the rich and the middle class gets a small break which is not going to disappear because this idiot us starting a Trade War the both parties are against. So what little you where getting back will be gone with high prices of gas now and cars and everything related to the tariffs will be going up.
So America wake up we need a voice like Samatha Bee because the loyal Trump supporters don't understand any other language. So finally wake up, look around and let's All start talking.
So Samatha stay where you are!!!!!!!
David S
06/04/18 at 04:10pm

Cancel "Full Frontal" it is not funny. Why do we as Americans aspire to become base, guttural, vulgar and unintelligent human beings. We seek the least common denominator. Profanity is so unnecessary. There is no respect for individualpersons or offices of authority. No morality. GOD help us all.
06/04/18 at 03:28pm

Why are people comparing anyone else to her? What she said is beyond decency and on live TV to boot. It doesn't matter what anyone else said. The FCC should fine the crap out of TBS and her show should be cancelled. It was not a taped private conversation it was on the air and should have been edited. TBS needs to be fined the maximum penalty. FCC where are you?
06/03/18 at 04:48pm

Poor Samantha B, she and the rest of the wacko fringe left are suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Who cares what she says? Nobody is watching her show anyway...
06/03/18 at 09:04am

I have been hoping this show would be canceled from the beginning. Nothing funny about negative bashing. Aren't we trying to teach our children not to bash and bully people? Samantha Bee uses her position to bash, bully and promote negativity between people. How are we ever to come together?
06/02/18 at 09:43pm

Talk about double standard. Where are you same people when Donald Trump spews all his vileness towards a whole variety of people and he's still the illegitimate president. You 'so call' republicans are a joke, the USA is on a decline and the real 'fake ' news is Fox. As a white American, I want my brothers and sisters to think about this: What Rosanne tweeted was cruel, affected a whole race of people and was not true. What Samantha Bee said was inappropriate, only affected one family and was true.
Can't compare the two. Wake up America.
Trump wants to be a dictator, only cares about his wallet and has no use for middle America other than boosting his ego. He doesn't care about our insurance, our jobs nor our families. He's not a Republican nor conservative. Again I say, Wake up America. We determine the future of our country. We're stronger and better together not divided.
darlene campbell
06/02/18 at 11:42am


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