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Feb 08, 2016 - Jun 23, 2022




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Host - Samantha Bee

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A weekly news comedy show featuring commentary on current contemporary issues.

Longtime Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee hosts this weekly late night series that uses her unique comedic voice to give a nuanced view of current political and cultural issues.

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06/04/18 at 03:28pm

Why are people comparing anyone else to her? What she said is beyond decency and on live TV to boot. It doesn't matter what anyone else said. The FCC should fine the crap out of TBS and her show should be cancelled. It was not a taped private conversation it was on the air and should have been edited. TBS needs to be fined the maximum penalty. FCC where are you?
06/03/18 at 04:48pm

Poor Samantha B, she and the rest of the wacko fringe left are suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Who cares what she says? Nobody is watching her show anyway...
06/03/18 at 09:04am

I have been hoping this show would be canceled from the beginning. Nothing funny about negative bashing. Aren't we trying to teach our children not to bash and bully people? Samantha Bee uses her position to bash, bully and promote negativity between people. How are we ever to come together?
06/02/18 at 09:43pm

Talk about double standard. Where are you same people when Donald Trump spews all his vileness towards a whole variety of people and he's still the illegitimate president. You 'so call' republicans are a joke, the USA is on a decline and the real 'fake ' news is Fox. As a white American, I want my brothers and sisters to think about this: What Rosanne tweeted was cruel, affected a whole race of people and was not true. What Samantha Bee said was inappropriate, only affected one family and was true.
Can't compare the two. Wake up America.
Trump wants to be a dictator, only cares about his wallet and has no use for middle America other than boosting his ego. He doesn't care about our insurance, our jobs nor our families. He's not a Republican nor conservative. Again I say, Wake up America. We determine the future of our country. We're stronger and better together not divided.
darlene campbell
06/02/18 at 11:42am

Leo Colliver Jr.
06/02/18 at 09:19am

Based on her comments it should be ok to call all the women & men who work for TBS useless Cunts. How many times will TBS & Samantha be allowed to give fake apology to comments that are scripted, & than laugh about her comments.
As bad as I hate to I will have to cancel my Direct TV if they cannot make a package without TBS. I would like to boycott her advertisers but it appears they are cunts also.
06/01/18 at 06:53pm

I don’t know if she has children but I hope she doesn’t. What an example she sets for young women. I stopped watching all of Ted Turners channels because of this trashy lady. This show must go. You keep your opinions to yourself. I don’t want to know what she likes or dislikes. I only want to know when the liberal lefties of tbs cancel Sammie bee bee.......
Donald Francis
06/01/18 at 06:39pm

The only reason this lady is still on the air is because she is as much of a liberal as the rest of Hollywood. She didn’t get an Emmy, the shows writters got the award. Any body could stand up there and read the words including Steve Colbert and even little jimmy kimmel. She should be glad Donald Trump was elected her president. If the other candidate had won Samantha would not have a job. TBS is garbage now. DONT WATCH!!!!
06/01/18 at 03:43pm

Samantha Bee is a champion of human rights. She was outraged by children being ripped from their home. She issued an impassioned plea to the president’s daughter to try to stop this travesty and miscarriage of justice. I appreciate people like Ms Bee fighting for human rights. We never miss her show
A Disgusted Father
05/31/18 at 10:57pm

This show must go. The only thing that gives us the idea that Samantha Bee is a comedian is the laugh track. This is beyond sexist and ageist. It’s o.k. to insult “Fathers” and “Fatherhood”. This is an example of the woman’s movement going too far.

Please Remooove !!!

A Disgusted Father

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