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Sep 19, 2016 - May 07, 2018








Kevin - Kevin JamesDonna - Erinn HayesKendra - Taylor SpreitlerChale - Ryan CartwrightSara - Mary-Charles JonesJack - James DiGiacomoGoody - Leonard Earl HowzeKyle - Gary ValentineDuffy - Lenny Venito

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A comedy following a newly-retired cop who puts his plans on hold to help out his family.

Kevin is a recently-retired police officer looking forward to having more free time to spend with his family and fellow-retired cop friends. But when his oldest daughter decides to drop out of college in order to support her fiancé, Kevin puts his plans on hold and moves them both into his home so that his daughter can stay in school.

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Douglas Sutton
09/27/17 at 09:43am

Kevin James states this isn't anything like King of Queens, yet he plays a bumbling idiot, has his brother in the cast, a guest spot for Ray Romano and now Leah Remini is joining after they decided to kill off the wife. Sure Kevin. It's nothing like it at all......
09/26/17 at 09:03am

Wow. A time jump and 2 lines devoted to the mom. A total d*ck move in my opinion. Bye Kevin. I took the show off my DVR.
Lisa in Tampa
09/26/17 at 04:09am

Second season sucks already. Big mistake getting rid of Erin Hayes, who was hilarious and the perfect counterpart to KJ. Loved the show in Season 1. They just ruined it. Good luck getting a third season. Not gonna happen.
michael lannen
09/26/17 at 01:51am

Killing off the wife was a slap in the face. I felt that she was a very great asset to the show. She added warmth with a loving feeling toward the whole family I hope she gets picked up on another show.She added spark to the show and was a perfect wife. I just watched epp 1 of the new season missed her it does not have the spark anymore. Doubt I will continue watching. MKL&ML
09/06/17 at 02:35pm

I don't expect a third season, ratings were at 5.7 million viewers for the first season finale, that number will fall for season 2. Millions did not like the season finale, it was not funny, the last two episodes of season one was the worst episodes, sorry KCW fans will not put up with Vanessa's constant yelling at Kevin, the show will die with Donna. Sad I liked the first season, the last two episodes were stupid, nice try Kevin James onto the next show please.
08/03/17 at 04:08pm

They are killing off the wife, not just exiting her from the show with a divorse or something. Literally killing the character. That's going to drive a lot of people away. The Plopster is glad he didn't get into this.
08/02/17 at 07:22am

I think they should have replaced the women who played his wife with someone else but not leah.this is not king of queens.this should be about kevin not her.I will give it a chance but I think I am going to lose interest.
06/19/17 at 01:04am

My daughter and I agreed - it took us a couple of episodes to warm up to Donna (Erinn Hayes) as the wife on Kevin Can Wait. But after a couple of shows, we realized we reallllly liked her. She was a perfect counterpart for Kevin's character. Unlike some of the posters here, we were fans of KOQ, and enjoyed the interplay between Leah Remini and Kevin James for all the seasons the show played....HOWEVER, we for sure do NOT like what just happened. Who pushed who to make this rip off of a change? "Not funny," as my 2 1/2 yo son used to say. We will probably lose interest real soon. It was a bad idea to try ro reinvent KOQ with a slighly different format. It played well in our living rooms the way it was!!! Erinn....we wish the best for you!! Sorry you have to go through something like this.
06/12/17 at 03:13pm

I wasn't a huge fan of the actress that played the wife, mostly because I found her to be an unrealistic spouse for James' character. Nothing against her acting though. With that said, I still didn't want to see her off the show. Worse yet, they are bringing on Remini. I used to watch KOQ but honestly she was my least favorite character. I didn't care for the episodes she was in on this show either. I doubt I will tune in next season.
06/06/17 at 11:40am

Not happy that Erinn Hayes is out. She brought a lot to the show and is/was my favorite character. If I want to watch King of Queens, I will watch re-runs.

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