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Sep 19, 2016 - May 07, 2018








Kevin - Kevin JamesDonna - Erinn HayesKendra - Taylor SpreitlerChale - Ryan CartwrightSara - Mary-Charles JonesJack - James DiGiacomoGoody - Leonard Earl HowzeKyle - Gary ValentineDuffy - Lenny Venito

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A comedy following a newly-retired cop who puts his plans on hold to help out his family.

Kevin is a recently-retired police officer looking forward to having more free time to spend with his family and fellow-retired cop friends. But when his oldest daughter decides to drop out of college in order to support her fiancé, Kevin puts his plans on hold and moves them both into his home so that his daughter can stay in school.

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10/23/17 at 12:37pm

show was good but now it sucks if cbs was smart theyd get rid of it the show is a waste of good air time
10/22/17 at 10:14am

Season 2 is terrible. They killed off the mom to bring in Leah Remini in some awkward role that doesn't really fit the plot. It is so forced and all the other characters took a backseat which really reduces the comedy. I highly doubt this will make it to season 3
Steve in Vancouver
10/12/17 at 05:42pm

I loved season 1, I loved Erinn Hayes and Ryan Cartwright.
Season 2 sucks, Leah Remini is awful, no chemistry at all, she is so out of place here, its like watching really bad episodes of King of Queens (I love that show)
Not sure what's worse the writing or Leah Remini
10/09/17 at 08:11pm

Cancelled! As far as I'm is cancelled! I loved King of Queens. Watched every episode and repeats for years. When Kevin Can Wait, I was a bit underwhelmed with the new wife....but my daughter and I both said...."took a minute to grow on you, but when it did,,,,"....well, we loved her character. Some found her annoying,,,not so here. Not at all. She turned out to be the perfect counterpunch to Kevin James character. And bringing back a whole entourage from King of Queens was really fun. Except for Leah Remini. She was the perfect wife on King of Queens...but Leah does NOT fill the bill on this show,,,at all. And we are truly disgusted with the way it was handled on the show itself. Don't know what really happened...but I suspect something was rotten in Denmark to get Erinn Hayes off the show. It's off my DVR. It's off my radar. I don't like it at all the way it went down. top it was BETTER the way it was already! Cancelled.
10/09/17 at 03:28pm

I watched the show last season and liked it enough to even watch the reruns with the exception of the last few episodes which I found annoying. Leah Remini may be a good actress but I find her character to be truly annoying. I have cancelled the taping of this show for this season. It's a shame though. The kids on the show are great and the English boyfriend is hilarious. I will miss the show but the new character is so annoying as to make the show intolerable to watch.
10/08/17 at 11:57am

Correction....I meant to say Donna, the wife, was killed off not Vanessa. I got the names confused lol Oops. But at least last week's episode was better. :)
09/30/17 at 11:20am

Wow! They killed off Vanessa????? What the heck? Couldn't they just replace the actress? I agree with Michael Lanmen, that character brought a spark to the show. I didn't mind seeing Leah in a couple of the shows last year. I thought she was a GUEST start--I didn't realize she was going to replace Erinn! And then for the show to only have Kevin read a piece of mail from Planet Fitness that say, "Please come back we miss you. Yah so do I." Really? That's it? And then Kendra says she died a year ago? That's all? No explanation as to HOW she died? No show of at least a BIT of emotion? Oh but wait, later in the show Kevin said to Kendra as she's about to walk down the aisle something about her mother should've been here. Oh how nice to acknowledge her! It seems they would've said a little something at the wedding about Vanessa or when Kendra was rushing around with the plans for the wedding. The show handled this terribly and I hope they explain what happened to Vanessa or show a bit more emotion. I love KOQ too but it ad it's time. Sadly, because of this huge screw-up, I don't expect KCW will get a third season.
09/30/17 at 10:46am

What they did with Erinn Hayes is just downright terrible. The way they killed her off, barely said two sentences about here, and all the damn kids are fine is complete bs. To be honest she was the main reason I enjoyed most of season 1. Her exchanges with Kevin were good, and while I like Leah Remini enough, she doesn't fit in this show. Show is basically dead for me.
Janis Coplin
09/29/17 at 02:22pm

I admit it. I didn't care for Erin Hayes. I said she was annoying and wished they'd replace her. Then they killed her off and brought in Leah. I'm sorry. I'm eating those words as we speak while removing the show from my DVR. I'm not going to say I'm now a Hayes fan, but the way her "exit" was handled left a bad taste in my mouth. No longer a fan of the show.
09/27/17 at 01:55pm

Idiots think this crap is going to get a third season, no it won't the show is dead, season 2 had no funny parts, Vanessa is annoying as hell, the show is now stupid.

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