Man With A Plan

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Oct 24, 2016 - Jun 11, 2020








Adam - Matt LeBlancAndi - Liza SnyderKate - Grace KaufmanTeddy - Matthew McCannEmme - Hala FinleyLowell - Matt CookMarie - Jessica Chaffin

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A comedy following a contractor who spends more time with his kids after his wife goes back to work.

Adam and Andi are a married couple with three young children. Adam works as a contractor and is used to his wife taking on most of the child rearing responsibilities, but when Andi decides to go back to work, Adam might not be ready for his new workload.

Adam is quickly overwhelmed with his new role, but with his wife's encouragement and help from some equally stressed-out parents, he might just be able to figure this whole parenting thing out.

Comments (19)

08/01/20 at 09:00pm

Oh my oh my..our fav sitcom! We go back and watch fav episodes (which means ALL if them) on CBS All Access now - waiting for the new season! Please do NOT say it was Covid!!!!!
06/16/20 at 06:15pm

Such a funny family sitcom. Love Matt LaBlanc!
It always seemed to do well in the ratings, so not sure why it got cancelled. Would love to see it come back, it’s difficult to find funny sitcoms!
06/11/20 at 07:04pm

Such a good show! Why’s it cancelled?!
Elena Garcia
05/21/20 at 07:47pm

Why? I love this show.. I live Matt La Blanc and the rest of the cast too.. why do all the great shows get cancelled???
05/19/20 at 07:10pm

Can’t believe what I hear!! This is a great show!! Hoping another network will pick it up
Sharon Clore
05/17/20 at 06:48pm

You have got to be kidding CBS. I really like Matt LeBlanc and this was an excellent show. CBS strikes again.
05/13/20 at 06:05pm

Carter: The article you cited seems to indicate that it was bought by a British streaming channel to show already aired US episodes there. It doesn't imply that new episodes will be recorded.

The cancellation is a disappointment. Every episode seemed fresh even though it comprised the same characters week after week. It's not a surprise that it's over since CBS shifted it to the winter season instead of fall. Matt LeBlanc is a superb comedy actor and this was a good vehicle for him. i'm glad it lasted as long as it did because shows like this usually don't make it past the first season.
10/16/19 at 00:41am

The show is moved to another streamer, to be released next year.
03/14/18 at 07:08am

One of my favorite shows, the casting of the new neighbors and Matt LeBlanc's dad in the show made it even better.
11/16/17 at 06:31am

I watched Man With A Plan this week, and after all that's going on with sexual misconduct lately in the world, I was a bit surprised that CBS aired this show....

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