Queen of the South

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Jun 23, 2016 - Jun 09, 2021


Drama / Crime


Teresa - Alice BragaBrenda - Justina MachadoPote - Hemky MaderaCamila - Veronica FalconGato - James MartinezEpifanio - Joaquim de AlmeidaJames - Peter GadiotJavier - Carlos GomezTeo - Mark ConsuelosAurelio - Rafael AmayaEl Güero - Jon-Michael Ecker

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A drama following a Mexican woman's rise to power in the world of drug smuggling.

Teresa Mendoza is a woman on the run and seeking refuge in America after her drug-dealer boyfriend is murdered in Mexico. Along the way, she teams up with an unexpected figure from her past who helps her try and bring down the leader of the drug trafficking ring that has her on the run.

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Steve S.
08/26/21 at 00:50am

I recently watched season 4 after missing 3 and the series got better than it was in seasons 1 and 2 where it felt like it was meandering. Season 4 is the same blood and gore but the plot is a little tighter which makes the difference. Alice Braga is fabulous throughout and the show wouldn't exist without. The show always had a few strong characters that made it worthy but with Teresa, a brilliant Pote, an excellent Javier (the wrong actor is listed, it should be Alfonso Herrera), and others, it captures enough of the crime ridden scene perfectly as intended. I've watched three episodes in season 5 and it continues to be outstanding. For those that haven't seen 4 & 5 or anything, watch 4 & 5.
Steve S.
04/07/21 at 11:50pm

I’ve just picked it up again starting with season 4. (So I’ll have a season and a half or so gap I think.) Teresa is almost the only one who made it so I have to guess the details of the missing. Season 4 looks interesting enough so far so I’m rejoining at a good enough time. It’s the same in that it’s a violent red meat dirty world.
01/24/21 at 02:07pm

Please renew! PLEASE!!!!!!! Waiting SO long to see Teresa and her empire! Long live the Queen! OUR Queen!
11/15/20 at 02:56pm

Love it, when is it’s coming back ...
10/08/20 at 09:21am

I love this show SO much!!! it needs to stick around its such a binge-worthy show!!
Deborah Brown
08/26/19 at 12:06pm

Please re-new this show, excellent.
08/24/19 at 09:24pm

The current season is very disappointing. I wonder
Of it will get renewed. I bet ratings are down.
11/27/17 at 06:00pm

Excellent show , should last a few more years . Only politics could ruin it ...
05/16/17 at 04:30pm

Please renew, this shoe is the still the topic at the office
09/03/16 at 08:35am

Please Renew!!!!!

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